Improving Pickup Truck Fuel Mileage

pickup mpgEvery truck owner drives their pickup truck for several reasons, usually including the ability to haul a lot of gear, work, hauling toys etc. The one thing that most truck owners will agree that they would like to improve is fuel economy. There are a few things you can do to ensure you are getting the most out of your trucks fuel economy.

Keeping your Truck Maintained

Keeping up with your maintenance schedule will ensure the best fuel economy. Dirty filters, including fuel, oil and air filters, can inhibit your trucks gas mileage. Also keeping your tires properly inflated reduces drag thus optimizing your fuel economy.

Another part of maintenance is making sure all your electrical sensors are in proper working order. If your check engine light is on, don’t ignore it. You may never break down but your fuel mileage could be suffering.

Should you Use your AC?

Have you seen the Myth Busters episode where they test the fuel economy of a vehicle with the windows down versus the A/C on? The results were that over about 45-55 mph the drag created by your windows being down created worse fuel economy than running your air conditioner. Under about 40 mph it makes more sense to have your windows down to stay cool in your truck.

Keep Your Truck Aerodynamic

There is a big debate about whether or not a bed cover is good for fuel economy. If you own a bed cover it’s a great idea to test the theory on a tank of gas. Make sure your driving habits are the same and use an entire tank of fuel with the bed cover on and then with it off. See what your miles per gallon are both ways. In most cases I have seen the drag reduction of a bed cover usually saves a miler per gallon or two.

Driving Habits

Speaking of driving habits, it is one of the most preventable things that causes poor fuel economy. Many truck owners complain that their vehicles do not get the advertised fuel economy yet they love to hear their engine roar. Remember that fast acceleration and deceleration will hurt your overall fuel mileage.

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