Essential Truck Upgrades for Today’s Adventurer: Pickup Bed Racks versus Headache Racks

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Conquering the road has never been so easy thanks to modern-day trucks. Automotive manufacturers aren’t the only ones making strides in improving trucks for drivers. Companies who design accessories to help upgrade your truck are also making important updates for drivers.

If you’re setting out on an adventure in your pickup truck, headache and bed racks for trucks are two partners you don’t want to leave behind.

Bed Racks vs. Headache Racks: What’s the Difference?

Bed racks for trucks and headache racks have vastly different uses, though you should not discount either. Despite their differences, they can work together to create the peak adventuring upgrade.

What Do Truck Headache Racks Do?

A headache rack’s primary purpose is protection. Fixed to the trunk of a truck, sitting just behind the cab, headache racks shield your cab against debris, cargo, and potential damage. Depending on make and style, it also moonlights as a mount for extra lights and a way to hang your gear.

What Are Bed Racks for Trucks Used For?

Like headache racks, bed racks attach to the back cab of a truck. Pickup bed racks, however, elevate your carrying capacity. They have long legs, holding them level with the truck’s roof, allowing for total usage of the trunk, as well as supplying extra storage space above. It provides a solution to the struggle for space, answering, “Why compromise when you can carry it all?”

Style Meets Utility

With modern designs and functional accessories, both headache and bed racks for trucks can refine their trucks.

Protect with Flair

A well-made headache rack is sleek, sturdy, and catches eyes as you go, but functions to keep riders safe. With plenty of customization options available, headache racks can become a savior and a statement. With different finish options, such as Magnum’s smooth mill finish or matte black finish, truck owners can find the perfect look for their car.

Elevate With Style

Pickup bed racks enhance the aesthetic appeal of trucks while turning trucks into expert haulers. By elevating the truck’s profile, a bed rack can create a more impressive presence when you travel. With many unique designs, varying from a six-legged bed rack to Magnum’s own Rear Cargo Rack and Tube Extension additions, drivers can find a look they love.

Your Truck’s Ultimate Upgrades

When you need vigilance, headache racks stand as your guardian, no matter what road you travel. When you need versatility, bed racks for trucks unfold a world of possibilities. For both, the combination of a pickup bed rack and a headache rack has you covered. With the increased hauling abilities from a bed rack and the promised safety from a headache rack, adventurers can hit the road knowing that their possibilities are endless.