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About Magnum

The Magnum® Story

In a sentence: we started as enthusiasts more than 30 years ago and we evolved into manufacturers. For years, we operated as Magnum Manufacturing Inc., in multiple small buildings in central Maine – because that’s all we had: a small cut shop, a small weld shop, a powder coating booth – and, of course, a small, small office. Magnum® was the American small business success story: a startup in a garage that developed into something much more.

From the beginning and still today, our goal is to provide you with products that make your truck stand out above all else – whether it’s on the construction site or simply to impress someone that’s important to you; to make your truck so striking that strangers ask you where you bought your rack with the cool lights (this will happen). And to make you so satisfied and excited that you want to spread the word: Magnum®.

While the small garage still stands, the company has expanded. We still proudly and meticulously manufacture products for our customers in our 150,000 square-foot space in central Maine. Right alongside our DuraMag trucks. We’re proud of our heritage and are still committed to innovation in the truck accessory industry. And we’re looking forward to the road ahead as part of The Shyft Group.