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Essential Truck Upgrades for Today’s Adventurer: Pickup Bed Racks versus Headache Racks

Conquering the road has never been so easy thanks to modern-day trucks. Automotive manufacturers aren’t the only ones making strides in improving trucks for drivers. Companies who design accessories to help upgrade your truck are also making important updates for drivers. If you’re setting out on an adventure in your pickup truck, headache and low […]

The Perfect Practical Present

Are you seeking an ideal holiday gift for a truck enthusiast or someone who regularly uses their truck for work or outdoor activities? Consider the practicality and functionality of a headache rack. This often-overlooked truck accessory can be the perfect present for those who want to enhance their truck’s utility and safety. Here’s why a […]

Essential Snow Plowing Accessories For Your Truck

Getting your pickup truck ready for snow plowing season is a great project to tackle before the snow starts falling. Be ready before the temperatures plummet, and you’ll never lose response time when Mother Nature starts storming!   Magnum’s headache racks, LED lights, and other accessories are a great addition to your snow plowing setup. Let’s […]

All About Trailer Hitch Types and Capacity

Need to tow something? It’s the best way to move stuff from here to there, and it’s simple in theory. But the reality of hitching a trailer to your truck requires you to have the right pieces working together for a safe, successful haul, including headache racks & accessories with ultimate style & superior function. […]