The Dream Team – a Truck Bed Tool Box and a Magnum Headache Rack

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After a Magnum truck rack, one of the best accessories you can choose for your truck is a tool box. Haul and protect frequently used tools or gear in a secure, organized space that guards against the elements. 

Our Magnum customers tell us they love the combination of a headache rack and a truck toolbox. Secured tools, an American-made truck rack, and cargo tie-downs for gear – it’s the perfect combination for your truck. 

Whether you already own a tool box and want to add a truck rack – or vice versa – the key is getting the right fit for your truck. 

Types of Truck Toolboxes

If you already have a toolbox in your truck and don’t plan to replace it – great! If you need a new tool box, it helps to know what you’re looking for. 

Truck tool boxes are available in a few styles to maximize space. Side mount and topsider toolboxes mount on the sides of the truck bed. Wheel well toolboxes fit over the wheel well and are also called fender well boxes. A chest-style toolbox is a rectangular box that can be mounted anywhere it fits.  

Crossbody tool boxes, also called crossover or saddle boxes, are a popular style. They mount directly behind the truck cab and span the width of the truck bed. Since a cross body toolbox is so popular, and must be compatible with your Magnum truck rack, let’s look closer at this style.  

Where to Purchase Tool Boxes

Order toolboxes online for the ultimate selection and comparison of price, features, size and more. Regardless of budget, there is a toolbox available online that will fit your truck. 

Ford F250 with Magnum Sport headache rack and bed rails, with a cross body toolbox installed
Dodge Ram 3500 with Magnum Low Pro rack and cross body toolbox installed.

If you prefer to shop locally and see the tool box before you buy, check your local hardware or auto parts supply store. Sources like Home Depot and Tractor Supply Store offer in-store and online shopping. Specialty toolbox manufacturer dealers can also be found online. 

Tool boxes are an investment. The larger the tool box and the more features it includes (like specialty locks, electrical wiring, etc.) the more it will cost. A basic saddle box for your pickup bed will start around $300 – but if your budget allows, you can invest a lot more. 

Truck and Tool Box Compatibility

Measure twice if you need to – just don’t buy a toolbox that doesn’t fit in your truck bed. 

In general, mid-size pickups (like the Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet Colorado) will require a narrower saddle tool box, around 63” wide. A full-size pickup (like a RAM or Ford F-150) needs a wider cross body box, around 70”. Fleetside truck beds also have wheel wells to accommodate when you buy a toolbox – its depth can’t be greater than the space available.

Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for your truck and tool boxes for measurements; grab your tape measure to double check, especially if you already have a Magnum truck rack installed, or any other after-market customizations to your truck bed, like liners or other accessories that would impact its adherence to manufacturer’s specs. 

Tool Box and Headache Rack Compatibility

Magnum customers love the dream team of a truck bed tool box and a Magnum headache rack. Check out our customer photo and video galleries to see our racks on the road! As long as the tool box you purchase fits your truck bed correctly, you can also mount it in combination with a Magnum rack. 

Magnum customers already know we take pride in getting a perfect fit for your truck rack. To help truck tool boxes seamlessly integrate with your setup, we created the Magnum Tool Box Leveling Spacer. This simple solution is ideal when a tool box is installed over the foot of a Magnum truck rack. If the toolbox is deeper than the foot of the rack, an awkward gap appears. Magnum’s leveling spacers fill that gap so your tool box can sit flush and secure.  

Ford F350 with Low Pro headache rack and a cross body tool box
Cross body toolbox and Magnum headache rack installed in Ram pickup.

Always refer to manufacturer’s specifications for details about toolboxes and any parts used to mount them to your truck. Refer to Magnum specifications for details about your headache rack and Magnum accessories. 

Tonneau Covers and Tool Boxes

If you have a tonneau cover for your truck bed, check its mounting set up before purchasing a toolbox. Most Magnum headache racks are compatible with tonneau covers – when ordering a rack, indicate if your tonneau cover mounts between truck bed rails, or on them, and your rack will be custom built to work with your tonneau cover. 

GMC 3500 with a Magnum Low Pro rack, a tool box, and tonneau cover all installed.
Ram 1500 with Low Pro mesh headache rack, tool box, and tonneau cover installed.

Crossover tool boxes, though, may interfere with tonneau cover installation. Look at how, and where, the tool box mounts before making your selection. Consider purchasing a combination toolbox-tonneau cover setup for a perfect fit, or look for a tonneau cover designed to fit an existing tool box.

Start With a Truck Rack

Already have a tool box you love, but still need a truck rack for your pickup? Check out Magnum’s all welded, all aluminum, made-in-the-USA headache racks. Each rack is built specifically for your truck.

Magnum racks are designed to look great, protect the truck window, and help secure cargo in the truck bed so you can get more done. Add Magnum accessories like lights, rear racks, and bed rails to your setup. 

With a crossover tool box and a Magnum headache rack, your truck is ready to work and play harder every day.