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Truckbed Toolbox

Introducing the Magnum Cross-Body Toolbox: Where Functionality Meets Style!

Upgrade your truck's capabilities with our latest innovation - the Magnum Cross-Body Toolbox! Crafted with precision for pickup truck owners like you, this toolbox takes your truck's organization, security, and accessibility to the next level.

No Headache Rack Required
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open lid on truck bed toolbox showing white inner tool tray - mounted in back of black pickup truck
construction worker holding cordless circular saw, reaching into truck bed toolbox
person opening toolbox that is mounted at the front of the truck bed - magnum logo on sides of toolbox

Why Choose our toolbox?

Seamless Integration

Designed to perfectly complement your existing headache rack setup, our toolbox becomes an essential part of your truck’s ensemble, adding both functionality and flair.

Built to Last

Constructed from premium materials, our toolbox is as tough as your daily demands. From job sites to off-road adventures, it’s ready to handle it all.

Ample Storage, Perfectly Arranged

Bid farewell to the chaos. Our toolbox features intuitive compartments, dividers, and trays, allowing you to organize your tools with precision.

Security that Matters

Protect your investments. Our toolbox boasts a sturdy locking mechanism, ensuring your valuable tools stay safe on the road and at rest.

Effortless Accessibility

Time is valuable. With our toolbox’s strategic layout, your tools are always at your fingertips, helping you get the job done quicker.



Fits 99-Current Ford Super Duty

specifications and measurements for the magnum cross body toolbox


Fits F-150, GM & Chevrolet 1500 2500 3500, Ram 1500 2500 3500
(Does not fit Ram Box Applications)

specifications and measurements for the magnum cross body toolbox

Ready to Organize Your Truck?

Discover the future of truck organization and aesthetics. Elevate your pickup’s capabilities while turning heads with our sleek and functional toolbox. Join a community of truck enthusiasts who demand the best from their vehicles.

Revolutionize your truck’s potential. Get the Magnum Cross-Body Toolbox today and experience truck ownership like never before!