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Rear Truck Rack Package – Rack Pack


Magnum® now offers the Rack Pack for the Low Pro portfolio of headache racks and for the lighted service body racks. The comprehensive package makes it easier to order the products you need for your specific truck’s make and model.

How to Buy the Magnum Rack Pack

The Rack Pack is a bundle of 4 different Magnum products. Because of the variations each product has due to vehicle specifications, you will need to shop for each of the 4 products separately, and add them to your cart. Once you have all 4 required products for the Rack Pack in your cart, your package price will automatically be applied!

Here are the 4 required Rack Pack Products that will qualify you for the package price:
  1. Headache Rack (must be a Low Pro model headache rack, in style; bars/rails, honeycomb, or mesh, or any style service body rack)
  2. 20″ Rail Kit Compatible Rear Cargo Rack (be sure to select the 20″ Rail Kit Compatible kind because you’ll be adding bed rails too)
  3. Bed Rail Kit
  4. 72″ Extension Tube

We hope you enjoy your Magnum® Rack Pack!

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 11 × 24 in