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Pair the Right Tonneau Cover With Your Magnum Truck Rack

2018 Ram 1500 Sport Rack Bed Rails Tonneau Cover

When setting up your truck bed, there are a few essentials you can’t skip. Two of our favorites are the hard-working duo of a truck rack and a truck bed cover or tonneau cover. 

Protect your truck window and secure cargo easily with a Magnum rack and accessories, and keep items hidden and secured in the bed with a truck bed cover – also called a tonneau cover. Even when your truck bed is empty, a tonneau cover protects it from debris and the elements. Plus, it looks great – especially paired with a Magnum rack. 

White GMC pickup with a Magnum headache rack and tonneau cover for truck bed   Red Dodge Ram with a tonneau cover and Magnum truck rack

The key to using this pair of accessories to their full advantage is getting a truck rack and tonneau cover that fit together correctly and install securely, so before you buy, check out Magnum’s guide to pairing your truck rack and truck bed cover for best results. As always, the key to success is in the details – the right fit makes all the difference! 

Have a Tonneau Cover and Need a Magnum Truck Rack? 

For truck owners who already have a tonneau cover and want to add a Magnum headache rack to their setup, Magnum makes it easy. 

When you order a Magnum truck rack, we ask about your truck – the make, model, and year, plus whether you have a tonneau cover. If you do, then indicate whether your tonneau cover sits above or between the rails, and verify with Magnum’s photo guide that you have the correct selection. Then, finish your order and Magnum will build your truck rack! 

When it arrives – check out our convenient installation guides to get your Magnum headache rack installed with your tonneau cover for an instant upgrade. 

Have a Magnum Rack and Need a Tonneau Cover? 

Here’s where some research might save you costly trial and error. Look at where your Magnum rack is mounted. Now, when you look for a truck bed cover, search for options that won’t clash with your truck rack installation. 

This probably means you want to look for a between-the-rails truck bed tonneau cover. You may also want to avoid hinged or folding styles if their range of motion is going to interfere with your Magnum rack. Check out retractable or roll-up tonneau covers; the good news is, with so many options on the market you are sure to find the truck bed cover you need. 

What’s this going to cost? You can spend a serious stack of cash on a truck bed cover – think a few thousand dollars. But if that’s not your budget, don’t worry. More affordable options start around $200. Generally, a roll-up style cover is going to be the most affordable. 

Starting From Scratch? 

If you need a truck rack and tonneau cover, we suggest deciding on your tonneau cover first and then customizing your Magnum rack accordingly. Also consider adding extras like truck bed rails, rear cargo racks, or a Commander Lighting Package at the same time so you don’t have to do extra work down the road! 

Magnum also offers a cargo rack extension tube and a range of accessories including D-rings and cargo stops, LED lights, wiring harnesses, and light brackets. We even offer leveling spacers to make sure your truck toolbox is a perfect fit with your Magnum rack.  

Even More From Magnum 

Learn more about what Magnum can do for you, with a rugged, reliable, American-made truck rack and all the accessories you need. When you choose Magnum’s design and craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong! Add a truck bed cover and a Magnum big truck headache rack for the ultimate accessory upgrade. Trust our installation guides to help you get back on the road looking better than ever.