November 13, 2018

Headache Racks & Truck Racks

Explore our selection of durable, aluminum truck racks. From our Standard Headache Rack with a Window Cut Out, to our High and Low Pro Racks with Lights, we have the exact look you’re trying to bring to your pickup truck.

Not sure which rack is the best fit for your truck?

The Low Pro Rack…

  • Sits approximately level with the top of your truck’s cab
  • Blocks your third brake light as well as your gooseneck camera
  • Includes Stop/Tail/Turn/Backup Lights on Rack

The Standard and High Pro Racks…

  • Sits approximately 3″ above the cab
  • Does not block your third brake light or gooseneck camera

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Low Pro Headache Racks

High Pro Headache Racks

Standard Headache Racks

Service Body Headache Racks

EC Series Headache Rack

Rear Cargo Headache Racks

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