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Essential Snow Plowing Accessories For Your Truck

Pickup truck equipped with snow plow and Magnum headache rack, ready to plow

Getting your pickup truck ready for snow plowing season is a great project to tackle before the snow starts falling. Be ready before the temperatures plummet, and you’ll never lose response time when Mother Nature starts storming!  

Magnum’s headache racks, LED lights, and other accessories are a great addition to your snow plowing setup. Let’s look at some other essential snow plowing accessories to make your snow plow plans complete. 

Pickup truck equipped with Magnum headache rack and a snow plow in a snowy parking lot Black pickup driving over snowy ground with plow and Magnum headache rack installed

If You Need a Snow Plow 

If you don’t already have a snow plow installed on your truck, start there. Key considerations when choosing a plow include the weight and width of the plow; the style of blade and control you prefer; and of course, your budget. 

The smaller your truck and the lower its GVWR, the narrower, lighter plow you need to purchase. For example, if you drive a Toyota Tacoma, you’ll be looking for a smaller plow than if you drive a Ford F-350, but both trucks can be outfitted for snow removal.  

Snow plows come in a variety of styles, including straight blade and V-blade, with different types of hydraulic control options. Materials including steel – the long-standing industry standard – and polyethylene blades are available.  

Your best bet for getting the best plow for your truck is to work with a local dealer! Once your plow is selected and installed, it’s time to accessorize.   

Magnum Accessories For Snow Plow Success  

While you’re setting up your truck for winter’s most important task, don’t forget to get the pickup truck bed ready, too. If you don’t already have a Magnum headache rack, now is the time to order one. 

Magnum headache rack and light installed on a pickup truck. Magnum truck rack, lights and rails installed on a pickup ready for snow plowing

A lighted headache rack with Glide Track D-rings and cargo stops is a great addition to your snow plow setup. Keeping a shovel or other tools in the truck bed? Secure them to the headache rack for easy access and secure transport. A headache rack protects your rear window year-round and always gives you extra cargo options.    

Extra light brackets and LED lights for your Magnum high visibility aluminum truck rack let you shed some extra light on manual snow removal jobs like shoveling or spreading sand. And because your Magnum truck rack is built to fit your truck, including your tonneau cover, it seamlessly integrates into your winter setup. 

A Magnum Rack Pack is a great way to get all the Magnum essentials you want in one easy order. Choose your headache rack, and get truck bed rails, a rear cargo rack and extension tube. You could also choose a Commander Lighting Package (add during checkout) to really get the most for your money and be ready to light up the darkest nights this winter.  

Extras For Your Truck and Plow 

Once you have a plow and Magnum rack installed on your truck, what other upgrades do you want? 

If your truck doesn’t already have a backup camera, it’s a worthwhile upgrade to consider if you do a lot of snow plowing. Snow plow-specific models are available, including heated lenses, so you never miss a thing even in the worst weather conditions. 

Using ballast, such as bags of sand or salt, in your pickup truck bed to help offset the weight of the snow plow? A ballast retainer keeps your load secured and evenly distributed.   

Add-ons for the plow itself can optimize your operation. Plow guides are a low-tech visibility option for the ends of the plow blades for in-cab visibility. Plow wings and snow deflectors can up your plow game by expanding your plow blade’s reach and keeping snow out of your line of sight. 

Plow shoes attach to the bottom of a snow plow’s blade, which is useful for preventing plow damage to soft surfaces like grass or dirt. Consider these handy accessories if you’ve ever accidentally plowed up a section of the lawn! 

Finally, consider dolly wheels for your plow blade if you need the option to move your plow blade during the off-season. While the plow blade is stored, you can easily relocate it inside the garage, shop, or on the driveway without dragging the blade or throwing out your back trying to lift it. 

Other Essentials to Keep in Your Truck 

Don’t forget to keep some basic essentials handy in your truck any time you head out in the snow, whether you’re plowing or not. 

We recommend some basics, like an extra pair of warm gloves, a hat, a blanket, and a water bottle. A first aid kit, extra cell phone charger, and a flashlight or headlamp are must-haves. Don’t forget the snow and ice scraper and a pair of jumper cables.  

You might also want to throw tire chains and a tow strap in the truck bed – just in case!   

For All Seasons and All Weather

Magnum truck racks are designed to perform in all seasons, all weather, and for any pickup truck. Even when the snow plowing season ends for another year, you’ll be glad you invested in the right gear and a year-round Magnum headache rack. 

Whatever truck rack accessories you need – from tool box leveling spacers to sliding D-rings and cargo stops or even truck bed rails and an integrated cargo rack, Magnum has the accessories you’re looking for. 

Get installation guides and check out what other happy Magnum customers are saying – then order your rack today!