AC Maintenance

Need AC HereNothing is worse than cruising down the highway in your truck when the A/C goes out. When the heat wave hits, make sure you are up-to-date on your AC maintenance so you and your friends do not have to suffer.

One of the most frequent problems with pickup truck air conditioning units is a low level of Freon. Although some people may think they can grab a DIY recharge kit and do it themselves, it is probably not the best option. You can seriously damage the A/C unit in your truck if you do not use these kits properly and the expense will make you think twice. You can easily make an appointment with an experienced mechanic who will inspect your system and give you an estimate about how much it will cost to charge your A/C with a professional system.

Another problem that can cause your pickup truck A/C unit to stop working is the condenser unit. It is usually located in front of the radiator and the air moving through the unit circulates the refrigerant and cools down the truck. If the unit becomes clogged or damaged, the air will not circulate and the A/C will stop cooling. Unfortunately, this means instead of driving along in comfort, you will be sweating and swearing until you get the truck to the mechanic.

A third mechanical issue that affects your A/C unit is the evaporator unit. While you’re driving, if the A/C unit stops blowing out as much cold air, your evaporator unit is probably freezing up. This can be caused by several different problems and you will need to make an appointment with your local mechanic to check out the air conditioning system and keep everything working properly.

Before the summer heat hits, make sure you take your pickup truck to have the air conditioning system inspected and routine maintenance completed. Instead of waiting until you have a problem, or an expensive part stops working, take the time to do preventive maintenance so you can enjoy your summer in style and comfort.

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