2015 Canyon and Colorado Preview

chevy coloradoGMC is back in on the mid-size pickup market with their 2015 Canyon and Chevy Colorado models. They had ended that line last year, but even prior to the discontinuation, the Canyon and Colorado didn’t much match up to competition. Drivers most disliked their interiors and powertrains, which were far too inefficient for what GMC intended.

Now, GMC hopes to get back on top. They have new plans for the Colorado and Canyon, shooting more for a working man’s truck, and steering clear of the sport style from before. This is evident in their appearance and size, as we now have a more chunky outline and an aggressive, no-nonsense bisected grill.

As far as power goes, GMC claims that the new Colorado and Canyon won’t have the same powertrains as larger models, which most likely leaves a 3.6-liter V6. A diesel is a strong possibility as well, so definitely not something to rule out.

If they are to compete with rival brands, these models must prove strong in terms of towing capacity. To do that, it’s important they land somewhere within the 3500 to 6500 pound capacity.

To distinguish themselves from their previous models, GMC must up the ante on interior quality. Most drivers were dissatisfied with those former models, so it is not too difficult a challenge really. GMC was surely aware of these gripes during their design phase, so be sure to find that improved interior. The trucks will seat up to 6 adults (7 in a pinch), 40-60 split bench front seats and a split-folding rear seatback.

The Colorado and Canyon will of course keep up in terms of technology. Features include the Intellilink infotainment interface and the option to integrate your smart phone with the truck, allowing one to make calls and texts, play music, and utilize apps for navigation. The concierge service is available as well.

As of now, information on the truck’s fuel economies are unavailable. However, given their sizes and likely powertrains, we can expect for them to fall within the average range, anywhere between 15 to 20. Transmissions have no change, as GMC will stick with the 6-speed shiftable automatic.

Wanting to get back into the mid-size range, it appears that GMC has indeed upped the ante. Look for strong workhorse competitors in the GMC Colorado and Canyon, as GMC is out to impress.

Production on these vehicles begins next year, and will arrive in the fall.

Photo credit: Eric Rice / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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