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Stake Pocket Ties: Everything You Need to Know

Magnum Sport Truck Rack

At Magnum Truck Racks, we take pride in creating some of the toughest, most stylish headache racks and accessories that you can find on the market. We also take pride in creating innovative products that are simple to install. Stake pocket ties allow our headache racks, as well as other accessories, to mount firmly to the truck’s bed, all without the hassle of drilling.

As you’ll see, these ties are used for mounting truck racks, but they are also used for many other parts and accessories.

The Typical Use

In most cases, the stake pocket ties are used to mount a headache rack. To complete this simple job, just drop the inserts into the stake pockets and fasten the bolts into place without fully tightening. Remove the top bolts and move the rack into place on the truck bed, then lightly screw the bolts back in place so they are holding the bed, but do not tighten them down just yet. Once the rack is centered, simply tighten the bolts and you have used the stake pocket ties to complete the installation of your truck rack. Now simply install the wiring and ensure the excess lines are properly secured and the job is complete, all with the help of these useful stake pocket ties.

Beyond the Truck Rack

While installing headache racks is one of the most important uses for stake pocket ties, these helpful components can also be used for a variety of accessories, including bed rails and rear racks.

Bed rails are useful accessories that enhance the visual appeal and utility of any pickup. They help secure a load by adding points for strapping cargo, and they can be added to virtually any truck. Magnum bed rails are custom designed to fit with a Magnum rack and are available in a basic matte black finish or in a mill finish, which comes at no extra cost.

You can also use stake pocket ties to secure a rear rack. These help you carry longer pieces of equipment, such as lumber, drywall, and even canoes. By adding a raised platform, these racks make hauling long cargo easier than ever, and they are an option for installation with stake pocket ties, eliminating the need to drill into the bed.

These ties can be used on trailers as well, as long as the trailer has the proper connection points.

The Importance of No-Drill Headache Racks

Stake pocket ties are incredibly important because they help reduce the chances of rust on your truck. Modern truck bodies are coated with a corrosion-resistant layer that helps keep away rust. However, when you drill into the bed walls, you expose the inside part of the body’s metal, which is susceptible to rust. Because of this, installing a headache rack by drilling holes can actually allow corrosion. Fortunately, this problem is prevented with no-drill headache racks, which not only reduce the chances of rust, but also make installation easier, faster, and more convenient.

If you want a durable, stylish headache rack for your truck, Magnum Truck Racks is right for you. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the perfect rack for your specific needs!

Stake Pocket Ties: Everything You Need to Know