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Top Tonneau Covers in 2019

2018 Tacoma Low Pro Rack Square

If you’re like us, then you’re probably always scouting out the next upgrade for your truck. Maybe you already installed a headache rack or other aftermarket accessories. Have you considered a tonneau cover yet? If not, maybe it’s time you did. Let’s check out our top 5 favorite tonneau covers.

Roll Out with Ease: The Gator SRX Soft Tonneau Cover

ford truck with tonneau cover

Sometimes all you need is a quick, roll-out cover for your bed. Spot some rain coming in? No worries. This Gator SRX soft tonneau cover will roll out quickly to protect your cargo. Plus, on the days that you need the full bed length, this soft tonneau cover won’t get in the way. It rolls all the way up to the cab so that you can get the most out of your bed space.

The best part about it? It installs without drilling and can be used with any Magnum headache rack. Sometimes it’s hard to find aftermarket parts that work well together. With the Gator SRX soft tonneau cover, you won’t have to worry about that.

Flip Your Bed Game with the Gator Evo Tonneau Cover

So maybe you’re looking for a different style than a soft tonneau cover. That’s where the bi-fold Gator Evo tonneau cover comes in. This low-profile cover is constructed with heavy-duty, lightweight, powder coated aluminum to keep your precious cargo protected

This tonneau cover also installs without drilling and can be used with any of the Magnum headache racks, thanks to its bolt-on clamp installation. Each panel installs into the side rails and a prop-rod is also included to hold the panels back when you need to access the full length of your truck bed.

Not a bad way to add some stylish umph (and function) to your truck!

There When You Need It: The GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Cover

Look, we get it. You may not always want to deal with a tonneau cover. Maybe somedays you just feel like switching up your style a bit. But certainly, there must be some tonneau cover that fits the bill?

Yep. It’s the GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Cover. Like the other covers we covered (Ha! get it?), this tonneau cover also installs with clamps to the inside of the bed rails. That means you’ll have no issues with it interfering with your Magnum Headache rack.

You won’t need to worry about maintenance, either. Constructed out of polycarbonate slats, this retractable cover slides effortlessly on sealed ball-bearings so the dust and grime can’t get in. For you haulers out there, it also works well with 5th wheel hitches. 

Rugged and Durable: The Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover

truck with hard tonneau cover Are you that off-road fanatic that’s looking for a tonneau cover that can keep up while you’re out adventuring? Then the Diamondback Heavy-Duty tonneau cover is the match for you.

This tonneau cover can support up to 1600 pounds of weight and opens at the front and rear. There are 12 tie-down cleats around the perimeter of this cover that allow you to get the most out of your truck. Fill up your bed with gear? Start piling it on top of this cover to add another layer of storage.

This tonneau cover also installs without drilling so anyone can install it within a matter of hours. No professional installation required!

Seamless Integration: Undercover Elite LX Tonneau Cover

Maybe you’re looking for a less flashy tonneau cover. Perhaps one that blends in with your truck a bit more? Then the Undercover Elite LX tonneau cover is just what you need. 

Constructed out of ABS composite (which is highly corrosion and impact resistant), this tonneau cover installs without needing to drill into your truck body. Each one is paint-matched to OEM standards, so you can rest assured that it will match your factory paint. 

This cover also comes with an LED bed light to help you retrieve your cargo in the dark and a wall-mount for easy garage storage when you want to remove it. Two hydraulic cylinders also help to keep the lid in-place while you rummage around in your truck bed. 

So, there you have it. What are your favorite kinds of tonneau covers? Did we miss any of your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!


Top Tonneau Covers in 2019