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Types of Headache Racks


If you are looking for advanced protection for your truck window and cab, you need a Magnum rack. Our headache racks are made with high-strength aluminum, and they are all fit to a specific truck model, giving you a clean, rugged appearance that looks like it was designed by the truck manufacturer.

When you need advanced window and cab protection, consider one of these Magnum racks…

Low Pro Rack

One of the most popular racks in our lineup, the Low Pro provides a clean, sharp appearance to your truck, all while protecting the window and the cab from damage. It comes with custom jigs to fit every truck model, so you know you’ll have a product that fits your specific needs.

You can order the Low Pro rack with side-to-side crossbars, a window cutout, or as a hollow rack, giving you everything you need for outstanding truck window protection.

High Pro Rack

If you need a rack that fits a little higher than the top of your cab, select the High Pro. It is taller than the Low Pro, sitting up to provide a higher clearance of protection. It allows you to ensure larger loads clear the cab, and can also be ordered with a cutout window or as a hollow frame, without bars running across the rear window.

Standard Truck Rack

This is the simple, basic, no-nonsense truck rack that has been providing window and cab protection to numerous pickups across the country. It has a great fit thanks to the customized fitting for every model and is fully compatible with the Glide Track accessory system.

Service Body Truck Rack

If you have ever searched for a headache rack for your service truck, you may have found the task to be almost impossible. They either don’t fit right, or they simply don’t look as sharp as they should. Our Service Body rack fills this need, providing a durable rack that looks fantastic and can withstand all your jobs. It’s available as a standard model, with lights, or as a hollow frame that surrounds the window.

EC Rack

Arriving to you 100% assembled, this rack provides high utility, allowing you to carry or haul a wide variety of materials and toys. It comes with options such as a mill finish, mesh side panels, or a full mesh back, providing excellent versatility to go with the rack’s outstanding strength. There are no weak points, so you know it will provide the protection you need for years!

Sport Rack

Using the same high-strength materials and innovative construction, this rack integrates stop, turn, and tail lights into the design, as well as backup lighting for added utility. It includes a plug-and-play wiring harness to ensure convenient installation and simplicity.

Get the Perfect Rack For Your Truck, Your Needs

To learn more about Magnum truck racks, contact our helpful staff today. We’ll make sure you get the right parts and accessories to perfectly fit your vehicle. Whether you need a High Pro with all the features or a simple Standard rack with no cross bars, we will ensure you get the service and support you deserve.