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Why Are Truck Racks Called Headache Racks?


Headache racks are used on trucks of all sizes, but do you know where the name came from? Their popularity is growing, so we’d like to help you understand the purpose of these important truck accessories, as well as how these items came to be known as “headache racks.”

Why is a Truck Rack Called a “Headache Rack?”

Protecting Cabs and Passengers for Decades

These helpful accessories were first invented to protect passengers, as well as the cab’s upholstery and features, from damage caused by cargo shifting in the bed. If something, such as a piece of lumber, brick, hammer, or table, were to slam forward, it could not only cause damage to the window but also create injury to the driver or passengers.


These racks can provide the protection passengers need, giving a protective frame with either crossbars or a protective metal fencing that keeps items from slamming into the back windshield. With these items, countless numbers of rear truck windows have been protected from damage, and many people have avoided having the back of their heads slammed by flying cargo.

While they were developed for utility, they also received use because they make a truck look tough, powerful, and rugged. With the addition of lights, crossbars, and numerous other accessories, headache racks have become a versatile component for numerous pickups all across the country.

Avoid a Headache with a “Headache Rack”

While virtually all truck owners know what headache racks are, many don’t know how they got the name.

Headache racks received their name because they keep tools and materials from breaking into the cab through the rear window. By preventing items from coming through, they also protect passengers in the cab from being struck in the back of the head, which would cause a massive headache. Of course, there is also the headache that would come from having to replace a rear cab window, as well as materials inside the cab. So in a way, these truck accessories could be called “headache-prevention racks!”

Types of Headache Racks

While there are many types of headache racks, they are generally categorized by how they mount to the truck. There are roof-mounted racks, which mount to the top of your vehicle, as well as bed-mounted racks. These each provide a different way to mount your rack to the truck, and each may be preferable depending on your needs.

You can also find headache racks with crossbars from side to side, or racks with cutouts for windows, as well as racks with or without lights, and racks that are simply frames that cover the perimeter of the window.

Find the Perfect Rack for Your Vehicle!

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Why Are Truck Racks Called Headache Racks?