5 Holiday Gifts for Pickup Truck Owners

christmas giftFinding the perfect holiday gifts for pickup truck owners can be a challenge for people who do not own trucks themselves. The holiday gift should be a combination of efficiency and practicality. For those not familiar with the functions of different accessories for pickup trucks, here is a list of the top five holiday gifts perfect for that pickup truck owner in your life.

The Dash Cover

Truck enthusiasts love to maintain the appearance of their pickup trucks. The dashboard of many pickup trucks can become damaged from the intense rays of the sun and cause the dash to discolor, crack, and peel over time. The dash cover is custom fit for each make and model of pickup truck and can even be embroidered with a name to add that personal touch to the dashboard cover.

Magnum Headache Rack

Pickup truck owners are constantly hauling items in the bed of their trucks that shift and slide around. When larger items slide and crash into the rear window often times the glass will shatter and break. This can be a significant headache for truck owners, and the reason for the name of the headache rack. This unique holiday gift will prevent any cargo from breaking the rear window of the pickup.

Seat Protectors

Seat protectors allow the owner of the pickup truck to protect the integrity of the original seats and to add a personal touch to the interior. These covers come in many colors and designs as well as being adorned with different sports related insignias. If the pickup truck owner is a huge NFL fan you could purchase seat covers that resemble their favorite football team so they can show off their team spirit.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover

An inexpensive holiday gift for that pickup truck owner on your list is the leather steering wheel cover. The covers come in a variety of different colors and are custom fit to give the driver a very secure feel. The covers give the driver added comfort on long extended drives and protect the steering wheel from fading by the ultra violet rays of the sun.

Vent Visors

The vent visors are an excellent pickup truck accessory that not only looks great on any truck they actually perform a unique function. When the rain begins to come down the vent visors allow the driver to keep the windows open slightly for ventilation and prohibit any water from getting into the truck.

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