Where is the Diesel fuel Market Strongest?

diesel pumpDiesel fuel remains a part of the fuel economy, and it is a major resource right alongside traditional gasoline. While it’s true that electric cars and hybrid vehicles are likely to claim a bigger share of the market in the United States, the predictions for diesel make the U.S. one of the biggest users of diesel fuel at least by 2023.

Heavy Duty Machinery

The biggest market for diesel fuel, both in the U.S. and abroad, is in heavy duty machinery. This includes tractor trailers, but it also extends to construction equipment like cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, and others. Diesel fuel has been the fuel of choice for these machines for decades, and despite innovations in the field that dominance doesn’t look like it will be changing.

Diesel Powered Trucks

While they have traditionally been a much smaller part of the market, there is a resurgence of interest in commuter and work vehicles that run on diesel fuel. It’s been predicted by the Fuels Institute that by 2023 these cars will be 17% of the market in America. With that said however, diesel powered cars are facing some stiffer competition in other parts of the world. In India, for instance, the cost of diesel fuel makes the vehicles difficult to sell to the public. This is particularly true because of the need for smaller, more localized transportation abroad, since public transportation is accepted much more readily as the path of choice for traversing long distances.

The Future of Diesel in the United States

While diesel fuel might not be the permanent solution for transportation, but for the immediate future it’s seen as cleaner than traditional gasoline. Diesel is also viewed as more reliable and more affordable than many other options, such as the electric cars offers by companies like Tesla Motors. With mileage that’s comparable to many cars on the road, diesel vehicles seem like a good investment to drivers who want to have something reliable, but which is still making progress toward saving money and doing less harm to the environment. While diesel cars are not likely to every take a stranglehold on the market, they will become more popular.

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