Diesel vs Traditional Fuel

diesel vs gasThere are many factors people use in deciding on whether to get a diesel or gas engine truck. Many people love their diesel truck, and just as many feel the same for their traditional gas powered truck. So, let’s spend some time talking about the pros and cons of each.

The diesel powered truck is powerful, that is a known fact. The typical diesel truck can haul more than a truck that has the same size gas engine. The torque you get from the diesel engine to propel the drive train is immense and, when it is used with the proper equipment, will pull heavier loads further and faster.
Fuel Economy
Diesels are great on mileage. Depending on the truck you can get 25-30 percent better mileage out of the diesel; which is great for the environment. However, the cost per gallon for diesel has been climbing the last few years. And in some locations it not only costs the same as regular fuel, it is sometimes more expensive.
Diesel engines do not have spark plugs or a distributor. This means less time in the garage for people who like to do their own regular maintenance. Even with the plugs and distributor gone the diesel truck needs regular maintenance, and you should always maintain that schedule.
The average cost of a traditional gas truck is far cheaper than the diesel. While a person would typically spend about $22,000 for a traditional fuel truck the diesel version of the same model will cost about $2,000 – $5,000 more. If price is a factor then traditional fuel may be the way to go.
Just like everything in our world, trucks have a lifespan. There are many trucks that can outlast others though. And those trucks are usually diesel. This goes back to the maintenance aspect of owning a truck. If you keep up the maintenance then the truck will take care of you. And it seems to be diesels outlast its competitor.
What you need your truck for should factor into your decision as to which truck you need. Diesel trucks are known to be the workhorse when it comes to trucks. And their cousin, traditional fuel truck, is the slender, faster truck.
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