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Best Truck Headache Rack in 2019

Best Headache Rack in 2017

At Magnum®, customer satisfaction is first and foremost. We hear that this is something that sets us apart from competitors and allows us to offer you the best truck headache rack. We also understand that when you buy a Magnum® headache rack, it’s an investment that you’re excited to receive as soon as possible. Our goal is to have it shipped within 1-3 days. Season demand sometimes extends lead times, but we do our best to ship as soon as it’s built.

Explore why Magnum® produces the best headache racks for your truck:

Magnum bed rails Construction

Magnum® truck racks are constructed entirely of aluminum using metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding techniques. The aluminum is powder coated for additional protection. Each Magnum® rack has a precision fit to a specific model of truck, making them the best-fitting racks available in the market. Magnum® racks also include an accessory track that makes them compatible with Magnum’s full line of back rack accessories. This feature allows these back racks to be customized for a particular cargo or task.

Unlike steel racks, Magnum® aluminum racks don’t rust. While manufacturers of steel back racks implement additional protective measures against rust, all steel back racks will eventually rust – and if the paint is scratched they will rust immediately. That’s not a pretty sight on a beautiful truck. For this reason alone, aluminum racks are the better choice.

“I love your product! The craftsmanship is outstanding and it was so easy to install. It is very evident that a lot of thought and technical skill went into the design. This really sets my truck apart from others.”

–Shawn Halverson


Our above-and-beyond warranty on our products is a true testament to the confidence we have in our merchandise. We have the best warranty in the truck headache rack industry, period. We warrant, to the original owner, that “the aluminum Truck Rack will be free from defects in craftsmanship and material for a period of his lifetime. The warranty period begins the day of purchase by the original end user.”
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Magnum® offers the best truck headache rack in two basic profiles: Low Pro and Standard (the High Pro is the same height as the Standard). Common variations on these basic styles include lights and cut-outs that allows passengers to look out of the cab’s rear window without obstructions.

  • Best Truck Headache Rack The Low Pro profile is approximately cab height. This model includes the stop/tail/turn and reverse lights. The Low Pro is Magnum’s #1 selling rack. At nighttime, the 4 LED lights in a row create an impressive look for those following behind. Having these stop/tail/turn lights up high, increases safety.
  • The Standard profile strikes a balance between appearance and functionality. This rack is ideal if you want to carry ladders or other objects where you’d like more distance between the roof of the truck and your cargo. This profile is also ideal for professional contractors who need a truck rack with a rugged, modern design.
  • The High Pro is the same rack as the standard but includes lights.

“Magnum headache racks are the only racks on the market that look good on a truck! I have been searching for a rack for about a month and couldn’t find anything that would look good on my truck! They nailed it when they made this rack. I am a builder and I just bought a new F250 and I wanted to be able to move my material from job site to job site, but I didn’t want my truck to look like a work truck with a permanent rack on it. Thanks again, Magnum, for making an awesome rack!!!”

–David Johnson


Magnum® back racks are easy to install with standard tools. Most installations use the included custom Stake Pocket Tie Downs. These back racks can also be installed on trucks with an inside-the-rail Tonneau cover. A custom wiring harness (Plug-n-Play) comes with each lighted rack.

We understand that some of our customers enjoy figuring things out themselves, especially when it comes to modifying their trucks. That’s why we’ve worked to come up with fresh video content, step-by-step instructions and other ways to help inform you on the best way to install your Magnum® products.

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Best Truck Headache Rack Summary – the Best Truck Headache Rack on the Market

At Magnum®, we realize we aren’t the only headache rack manufacturer, but we’re confident that we’re the leader in our industry. We created Magnum Manufacturing more than 10 years ago to fill a void in the truck accessory industry. What began with a few welding machines in a small shop has grown into the nation’s largest producer of aluminum headache racks–one of F3 MFG’s products. The Magnum® and DuraMag® product lines are now produced in 128,000 sq’ of manufacturing space in Waterville, Maine.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best truck headache rack and products that make your truck stand out above all else – whether it’s on the construction site or simply to impress someone that’s important to you; to make your truck so striking that strangers ask you where you bought your rack with the cool lights (this will happen).

“Not only do these racks look amazing, but they’re also super tough and durable. Everywhere I go I get compliments on how great they look. I highly recommend them whether you’re a contractor or an outdoorsman. Give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”

–Dan Webster