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The Top Vehicle Accessories for Traveling Sales Reps

vehicle accessories

The Top Vehicle Accessories for Traveling Sales Reps

If your job requires you to spend a lot of time in your car, finding great vehicle accessories is essential. By discovering which tools can make your job easier while on the road, you’ll be maximizing your work day in no time. Whether you drive a company car or your own personal truck, there are tools to make working out of your vehicle much easier. From organizational packs to mobile desks, we’ve got you covered. Explore some of the top vehicle accessories for traveling sales reps today.


A Tablet Organizer

Never lose your iPad or Kindle underneath your car seats again. Consider buying a tablet holder to keep track of your devices more easily. If you opt for an organizer that straps to the back of your driver seat or front passenger seat, you can easily access it while traveling. Most tablet organizers can be found online for less than $50.


A Mobile Desk

If you spend a lot of time traveling in your car, it’s time to consider a mobile desk. Mobile desks are among the top vehicle accessories for traveling sales reps. Consider all the times you’ve had to pull over to check your email, access a file on your laptop or reference important information on your computer. A mobile desk offers a “stable, sturdy work surface for your laptop, notepad and other desktop devices,” according to Auto Anything. Think about the functionality that you need in a portable desk before researching options online to avoid becoming overwhelmed. For example, if USB ports or charging outlets aren’t necessary for you, stick to a more basic mobile desk. The fewer bells and whistles you need, the less expensive your portable desk will cost.


Electronic Device Holders

Having a secure place to keep your mobile devices as you drive is key. While it’s never a good idea to email, text or type while driving, having your phone or tablet within reach is important. There are several types of electronic device holders to consider. Some of the most common holders secure your device to your front windshield with a suction cup. Other holders secure to your heat and air vents. Both of these types of holders are great for freeing up your cup holder and keeping your phone somewhere more secure.  Talk about the ideal vehicle accessories.


A Power Source

If you’re traveling for several hours per day and relying on your computer for 8+ hours, you’ll want to consider an alternative power source to charge your devices. Most cars in 2018 offer USB ports to charge your cellphone or tablets, but very few offer electrical outlets to plug your laptop into. According to PC World, there are options that can give you a standard A/C adapter via your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. Consider a “small adapter that provides a self-contained three-prong outlet (and sometimes a bonus USB port, too). These adapters are near-commodity items now and can put out 100 to 200 watts of power (enough for almost any laptop) at a price of $20 or less.” Keep in mind, your car’s electrical system can only take so much abuse, so you might want to consider upgrading to a stronger battery if you’re going to be frequently charging your computer, a portable printer and more (Thrillest).


A More Advanced Navigation

Your standard navigation gets you to and from your meetings just fine without getting you lost. It may even provide suggestions on the nearest gas station or restaurants in the area. However, if you’re a sales rep who travels frequently, you may need a more advanced system. Explore a MileTrack GPS that assists with your record keeping as you travel. Consider some of the following questions from PC World:

  • Do you bill clients based on mileage?
  • Would you like to get a bird’s-eye look at where you’ve been during the day?
  • Would you like to better understand an overview of your travels over time in order to plan where local marketing efforts should be focused?


If so, the MileTrack GPS lets you leverage the information you gather during your day on the road.

vehicle accessories   


A Convenient Catch-all Organizer

As Best Products says, “sometimes the simplest car organizers can be the best.” There is nothing worse than losing your phone, tablet, or your latest snack to the crack between your seat and the center console. Avoid dropping items into this no-man’s land by getting a simple folder-style organizer. The organizer tucks in between your seat and the center console, providing a “practical slot to hide paperwork, car chargers, or other compact automotive necessities” (Best Products).


The Ultimate Coat Hanger for Your Suits

Never show up to an important meeting again with a wrinkled suit. Making the investment for a sturdy, good-quality coat hanger is worth it all day if you’re a frequent traveler. Choose a head-rest mounted hanger that won’t fall down or break on you. “Need to bring a week’s worth of suits with you? Get an expandable shower rod and mount it between the pillars behind your front doors” (Thrillest).