Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harness Replacements for Truck Racks

truck rack wiring harness for Ford trucks

To choose your specific wiring harness, shop from the table below.

When you need an easy solution to install your lighted headache rack, our modular plug-n-play wire harnesses by Magnum are designed for an easy install. These wire harnesses run under the bed, plugging into your truck’s body harness. The plug and play design virtually eliminates the need for any wiring knowledge, giving you a simple solution to power the LED lights on your back rack. Whether it’s for reverse lights, brake lights or turn signal blinkers, the Magnum Truck Racks name guarantees quality.

Magnum offers truck rack wiring harnesses for all makes and models that they sell truck racks for, including; Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Nissan.

To purchase your headache rack wiring harness, choose from the table below.

Truck Make Year/Model Wire Harness Part #
Dodge 2002–2008 Ram 1500+ 56000 56000-DODGE-2002-2008-RAM-1500P Add to Cart
Dodge 2009–2022 Ram 1500 Classic Style 56000 56000-DODGE-2009-2022-RAM-1500C Add to Cart
Dodge 2009–2024 Ram 2500+ 56000 56000-DODGE-2009-2024-RAM-2500P Add to Cart
Dodge 2019–Current Ram 1500 New style (62.5") wide 56000 5600-DODGE-2019-CUR-RAM-1500-NEW-625 Add to Cart
Super Duty 1999-2016 Ford Super Duty 56000 56000-FORD-SD-1999-2016 Add to Cart
Super Duty 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty 56002 56002-FORD-SD-2017-2019 Add to Cart
Super Duty 2020 - 2022 Ford Super Duty* w/ Halogen Tail Light 56005 56005-FORD-SD-2020-2022-HAL Add to Cart
Super Duty 2020-2022 Ford Super Duty* w/ LED Tail Light 56006 56006-FORD-SD-2020-2022-LED Add to Cart
Super Duty 2023 - Current SD 56000 56000-FORD-SD-2023-CUR Add to Cart
F-150 2002-2014 Ford F-150 56000 56000-FORD-F150-2002-2014 Add to Cart
F-150 2015-2020 Ford F-150 56003 56003-FORD-F150-2015-2020 Add to Cart
F-150 2021 -Current Ford F-150 56000 56000-FORD-F150-2021-CUR Add to Cart
GM 1999-2006 GM 1500+ 56000 56000-GM-1999-2006-1500P Add to Cart
GM 07-18 GM 1500 56000 56000-GM-2007-2018-1500 Add to Cart
GM 07-19 GM 2500+ 56000 56000-GM-2007-2019-2500P Add to Cart
GM 2019-Current GM 1500 56004 56004-GM-2019-CUR-1500 Add to Cart
GM 2020 GM 2500+ 56004 56004-GM-2020-2500P Add to Cart
GM 2024 GM 2500+ 56009 56009-GM-2024-2500P Add to Cart
Canyon/Colorado 16-Current GM Canyon/Colorado 56000 56000-GM-CAN-CO-2016-CUR Add to Cart
Tundra 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra ***2022 not available*** 56000 56000-TOY-TUN-2007-2021 Add to Cart
Tacoma 2004-2015 Toyota Tacoma 56000 56000-TOY-TAC-2004-2015 Add to Cart
Tacoma 2016-Current Toyota Tacoma 56000 56000-TOY-TAC-2016-CUR Add to Cart
Titan 2017-Current Nissan Titan 56000 56000-NISSAN-TITAN-2017-CUR Add to Cart