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Which Magnum Truck Rack Is Best for You?

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A truck rack is basically a metal frame that attaches to a pickup truck behind the rear of the cab. Its primary purpose is to prevent items in the bed of the truck from going through the rear window during a sudden stop. Truck racks are most often used on working trucks that regularly carry cargo, although they frequently appear on passenger trucks for cosmetic purposes. They also serve as a platform upon which to hang equipment such as ladders. Accessories for truck racks include emergency lights and louvers.


Magnum truck racks are available in four profiles, including standard profile, low profile, high profile and service profiles. Most models are customized for a particular truck to ensure the best fit without overlapping the truck’s body lines. However, service-profile racks are sold in generic sizes.

Our truck racks are made from aluminum due to its light weight and durability and are constructed with MIG and TIG welds. Each truck rack is equipped with a glide track for maximum versatility and ease of installation. They’re also compatible with our full line of truck rack accessories.

Standard Profile

Chevy Colorado - Truck Rack – Standard Truck racks with a standard profile have a medium height between the low-profile and high-profile racks. They’re compatible with most between-the-rail tonneau covers and are available with a black matte finish. The base model has bars that extend all the way across the frame, while the window-cut-out version has an empty square inside the frame that allows passengers to look out of the rear cab window. The high-visibility rack has no bars at all inside the frame for maximum visibility. The base model and hallow-point model costs $469, and the window-cut-out model costs $519.

The weight of the standard-profile racks is between 27 and 31 pounds, depending on the truck. The width varies from 70 to 74.5 inches, and the height ranges from 24 to 27.25 inches. The depth of all versions of the standard-profile rack is 10 inches.

Low Profile

2018 Ford F250 SuperDuty with a Magnum Low Pro rack with window cutout and lights The height of low-profile racks slightly less than that of the standard racks. Low-profile racks have greater cosmetic appeal and are most likely to be used on passenger trucks. These racks have custom jigs to provide the best possible fit, and will fit most trucks with tonneau covers. Low-profile racks come equipped with fully functional lights, including brakes, reverse and signal lights. The wiring harness on these racks allows the lights to be easily connected to the truck’s organs.

The base model and high-visibility versions of the low-profile racks cost $599, and the window-cut-out version costs $649. The height varies from 20 to 24.25 inches, and the width ranges from 70 to 74.5 inches depending on the truck. The weight is between 30 and 34 pounds, and the depth is 10 inches.

High Profile

2018 Ford F350 High Pro Rack with Lights The high-profile racks are the tallest models and provide the greatest functionality. They provide more coverage of the rear window and offer a larger number of places from which to hang equipment. High-profile racks also have a more rugged design than the standard or low-profile racks, but are otherwise similar to the low-profile racks.

The base model with lights and high-visibility versions of the high-profile racks cost $599, and the window-cut-out version costs $649. The height varies from 24 to 27.25 inches, and the width ranges from 70 to 74.5 inches depending on the truck. The weight is between 27 and 31 pounds, and the depth is 10 inches.

Service Profile

2015 Ford F250 Service Body Truck Rack Service profile racks have the lowest profile of all our racks and are significantly lower than even the low-profile racks. The primary purpose of these racks is to serve as an attachment platform for equipment.

They’re available in heights of 16, 20 and 24 inches. The available finishes are a black matte finish or a black mill finish. These racks are available with and without lights. The base models cost $429 for the mill finish and $479 for the matte finish. Service-profile racks with lights cost $529 for the mill finish and $579 for the matte finish.

Whichever headache rack is best for you and your truck, Magnum Truck Racks has a compatible rack for you. Check out our various racks and pick your favorite accessories, whether that be lights, window cut outs, or even our American flag style racks! American flag truck rack by Magnum Truck Racks