Want Horsepower for Your Pickup? Go For Exhaust Systems

Chevrolet K10 Truck - exhaust and intake manifoldsLooking to get more power out your pickup truck? An after market exhaust will allow the engine to breath a little easier and allow for an increase of horsepower. Factory exhaust systems restrict the flow of exhaust due to the many kinks and bends. These factory exhaust also tend to have smaller in diameter piping systems. This chokes up the system. After market systems are much smoother and have nonrestrictive bends by a process called mandrel bending.

The whole system includes not just the tubing system but also the muffler. All of this together is called a cat back system. This replaces the factory system from the rear of the catalytic converter to to the end of the tailpipe. This system ensures it that the new system complies within the Federal and State emissions.

The cat back reduces exhaust gas restrictions and increases the performance of the gasoline pickup truck by an average of 10-20 rear horsepower. The amount of power depends greatly on the quality and design of the system put in. Typically the better quality of the system the greater increase in the horsepower can be pulled. A cat back system will pull more power from your truck by allowing the the engine more room to breath, and it also gives the truck a nice throaty sound to it.

Another after market system that allow for more horsepower is a duel pipe exhaust. For much of the same reasons as the cat back system, the duel pipe allows for more unrestricted exhaust to amp up the horsepower and torque on a pickup. Just like a cat back the main key component is the freedom of flow of exhaust.

This too uses the mandrel system for the optimum smoothness and allows for more pull from the engine. This can also give an additional 10-20 rear horsepower to the gasoline pickup truck. This system gives the pickup truck a growl that can be felt as much as heard.

Photo credit: troymckaskle / Foter / CC BY-SA


Regardless of which type of system that you chose to use on the pickup truck the after market systems are designed to open up the exhaust systems to allowed unrestricted flow to increase the horsepower. If horsepower is what you seek, after market exhausts are what you want, not to mention they come with the sexy growl of an engine to match the power.

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