Consumer Reports Recommends Ram 1500

dodge ram 1500According to Consumer Reports the Ram 1500 pickup is the best big truck on the market today. The researchers at Consumer Reports said they found the Ram 1500 to be powerful and durable yet elegant in appearance and appointments inside and out. The editors also found the truck to be impressive and plush. It has all the comforts drivers and passengers want and the ability to do the hard work people demand out of their truck. The staff at Consumer Report also point out that the upgrades made to the truck’s powertrain and interior make the Ram 1500 an excellent choice no matter how you use your truck.

It’s the full sized pick up that rated tops in almost every category. The Ram 1500 got excellent scores when it comes to handling, braking, ease of use, comfort and most importantly, safety. The truck did exceptionally well on crash tests. This was a marked improvement from previous years when it tended to be rated as average when it comes to reliability.

Driving the 2013 Ram 1500 is a dream the editors at Consumer Report say. It surpasses all other full sized pickups in head to head comparisons. The magazine’s editors credit the Ram 1500’s unique spring coil suspension for it’s superior ride. They also point out that the truck has a very roomy, ultra-quiet crew cab along with a superb optional UConnect infotainment touch screen that takes the truck to another level in terms of user friendly technology. Today’s high tech loving consumers will have all the connectivity they need with this highly refined pickup.o

One of the few areas that did not wow the editors of Consumer Reports when it came to the Ram 1500 is it’s tailgate. They found that because it is not sprung or damped it is a lot heavier than they would have liked. They also not the stepping up into the cabin takes a little extra effort because of its height. Review: Test Drive evaluates the 2013 Ram

The model the Consumer Reports crew tested was the Ram 1500 Crew Cab which has four-wheel drive, a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, and an exciting new eight-speed automatic transmission. This led the Ram 1500 to get the best mileage in its class on the fuel economy tests the editors performed. For all of these reasons the magazine rater the 2013 Ram 1500 North American Truck of the Year

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