Chevy Hopes to Beef Up Colorado

chevy colradoChevrolet is going wide, broad and deep. Chevrolet introduced the new and improved Colorado mid-size pickup truck at the L.A. Auto Show recently. This is a huge announcement because all of the big three auto makers had pretty much abandoned their mid-sized trucks and the Japanese managed to prosper in the mid-size section of the industry.

The Japanese had the run of the truck industry because GM, Ford and Chrysler had stopped producing these trucks. During the 1970’s and 1980’s many young car buyers were purchasing pickup truck as alternatives to mid-size cars and their prices. The prices for theses pickup trucks was inexpensive and the baby boomers bought them copiously. The trend among the young consumers was so hot, that all three car dealers were enjoying an enormous peak in sales. Then, all of that changed. Customers started buying mid-size and full-size pickups. But they didn’t just want a truck, they wanted the truck to look good, feel good and they wanted it to perform as a solid, strong truck. This is where Chevrolet’s Colorado comes in.

The Chevy Colorado is over ten years old now. Its body has pretty much remained the same as the older model and has a solid, stout look like the other Chevy full-size trucks. It has competed with other trucks in its category, but as time went on there were complaints about it capacity to pull heavier loads and the lack of creativity and comfort inside the cab. Chevrolet listened.

The Chevrolet Colorado is back after a short hiatus, and now, with the release of the 2015 on the horizon car buyers and the industry are excited.

A review from Edmunds says, “The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado promises a useful solution for buyers who need fuel-efficient truck utility without the full-size commitment”. Chevrolet is doing everything in its power to make this truck efficient, from the power train to the upgraded upholstery. Those who are familiar with this brand will recognize and appreciate the new and improved Chevy Colorado.

It can pull a trailer load of about 6,000 pounds. The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is offered in three body styles. There is the regular cab, extended cab and the crew cab (which has four regular doors). Most of the Chevy Colorado’s, with rear-wheel-drive (with just a few exceptions) do offer a 6-foot box. The accessories do include an AM/FM stereo, OnStar, cruise control, air-conditioning, 16-inch wheels, a front split bench seat while other models offer deluxe cloth upholstery, and upgraded CD/MP3 a player. The Colorado’s rivals are the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier. While this is not a big sized pickup, it is the much needed brand of GM as an alternative to the mid-sized pickup. Ford and Chrysler have not returned to the market yet. Admittedly, the Colorado was known for its inefficient powertrains and subpar interiors and has acknowledged the Tacoma’s and Frontier’s staying power.

Chevrolet Colorado is the only American made truck that can fill the need for those who want a mid-size truck. Welcome back Colorado!

Photo credit: David Guo’s Master / / CC BY


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