2015 Chevrolet Colorado

2015 Chevy ColoradoSpy reports abound with revealing details about the highly anticipated 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. As word of sightings of the new, mid-size pickup spread like wildfire, the sleek prototype shows beautifully flashing a smart black on white custom detail in sneak-peek photographs.

Confirmed Sightings

Glimpses caught as the camo slipped during October testing by Motor Trend reveal that the U.S. version will look much different than it’s fraternal export. It has a signature GM front end and more closely resembles a Chevrolet truck profile instead of a rounded off, car-like appearance. Sightings confirm the same dual-port, V-shape grille and side profile as the global version but with a metal bumper. The shape of the headlight housing was concealed by the camo, but it has round projectors and looks unlike the split-height style of those on a full-size pickup. It boasts a high box bed with a small lip at the top of the tailgate.

Spectator Sports

Chevrolet pickup devotees say that unlike the Asian diesel motor, U.S. models will probably sport a V-6 and smaller, four-cylinder option. Bloggers at one site speculate that the large heat shield next to the spare tire in a photograph may indicate a turbo diesel possibility.

Sometimes you just need the truck bed for minor rountine hauling capabilities without a lot of towing power. However, just because someone wants a smaller, less capable truck does not mean they want to sacrifice quality. Loyal customers estimate that the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will top out just under $40,000 fully loaded. At that price it is unlikely to boast very many typical luxury features like cooled seats, heated steering wheels, a power sunroof or DVD/BluRay player for the rear-seat entertainment system. If the predicted price of the Ram 1500 TD is an indicator, then the concensus seems to be that $30,000-$35,000 for a Colorado 4×4 Crew Cab turbo diesel would turn heads and open wallets without batting an eye.

Wishful Thinking

A cheap-looking, plastic interior like the Australian version would be disappointing to many U.S. Customers. However, blog comments across the board reflect high hopes for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, such as modern LED tail lights and off-road capabilities that rival the Tacoma. Production at the new Wentzville plant is expected to begin by the spring of 2014, undoubtedly a welcome relief for thousands of new workers to be hired there and at related companies in surrounding areas.

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