2014 Toyota Tacoma

2014 Toyota TacomaThe Toyota Tacoma comes back in 2014 with a newly redesigned interior and exterior in hopes of targeting a wider reach of potential customers. While the recent buzz about this truck has been revolved around the modest price increase from the previous model year, few have addressed how the new design of the vehicle will actually save consumers money in the long run.

The 2014 model features a more streamlined and aerodynamic exterior and an interior fitted with higher quality materials than its predecessor. The base price for the 2014 Toyota Tacoma is $18,735. This figure represents a $213 increase over the 2013 model. On average, there is a $100 increase for each trim level. The Tacoma Double Cab 4×4 V6 comes in at $25, 805.

Now, while this facelift will cost consumers upfront it shouldn’t make anyone hesitant to purchase. The engine on the new Toyota Tacoma is 10% more effective with less fuel consumption but the same power as the earlier model. This, in conjunction with the lower weight of the vehicle increases the gas mileage and saves consumers valuable dollars long-term.

The 2014 Tacoma model is available in all of the same colors as the 2013 model (Super white, Spruce Mica, Black, Barcelona Red, Nautical Blue, etc) in addition to new hues, Silver Sky Metallic and Blue Ribbon Metallic. There is some speculation about the interior trim options since the 2013 model only had one option. This limitation is frequently cited as one of the vehicle’s biggest drawbacks so many enthusiasts are looking to see if Toyota will address this in the new model.

Gone is the bare bones interior that you would typically expect from a large pickup truck. Inside the 2014 model consumers will experience an updated, comfortable environment. The driver will benefit from a streamlined dashboard that has been redesigned with accessibility in mind. The buttons on the control panel are higher and larger so they can be accessed quickly. For this model year, the entune audio system has also been updated.

Toyota uses the interior to present the SUV as a family vehicle as well. The Double Cab can comfortably fit a family of five and both parents and children will enjoy the available 9 inch LCD screen with a blu-ray player and wireless headphones. Pair this with a ton of cargo space and suddenly, the Tacoma is a perfect fit for families with an active lifestyle.

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