2013 Fisher Plow Review

With the first blast of snow to hit the region the first time in this season, it’s important to be prepared for the inevitable snow storms that we will experience through the winter. Here are 5 different Fisher Snow Plows, each tailored to specific situations;

Fisher HT Series 

Regardless if you need a snow plow for personal use or light commercial jobs, the HT Series Snow Plow can provide just what you need. Built specifically for the lighter half ton pick up trucks of today, the HT Series aims to end the struggle of searching for a rugged snow plow that meets today’s current weight requirements. Simply said the HT series are small, versatile and yet powerful enough for light commercial use.

Fisher SD Series

The SD Series are designed for high performance and speed. In the event that a snow warning has been given and you need rapid response in an emergency situation. The SD series were designed to go hand in hand with a lighter vehicle, but tough enough to get the job done. With the SD series you don’t have to worry about compensating performance for speed.

Fisher MC Series

The MC Series was designed for bigger jobs, specifically tailored for municipal and contractors with vehicles that fall in the 17,000 – 27,500 GVW range. When it comes to a large amount of snow that smaller vehicles cannot effectively move. this behemoth will effectively clear a path through narrow streets and parking lots all while maintaining efficiency. With it being the biggest, toughest plow Fisher Plows has to offer it’s no surprise.

Fisher XV2 V-Plow

New on the line is the XV2 V-Plow Series. What sets this apart from traditional Snow Plows is it’s flared wings and Fishers very own engineering’s trip design. This ensures maximum performance in hazardous areas with obstacles in your path. The Xv2’s super fast hydraulics will maximize productivity while getting you smoothly over hidden objects.

Storm Box Pusher Plow

For really big jobs such as a large shopping malls, the Storm Box Pusher Plows can effectively move large amounts of snow in a small amount of time. This design allows for a larger capacity of snow to be scooped thus ensuring that you move maximum amounts of snow in a small amount of time.

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