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Track Kits for Pickup Trucks

truck tracksThere are many different choices when it comes to track kits for pickup trucks. Before deciding on the right option for your vehicle, you should first understand how track kits work and what the different benefits can be.

The main objective of a track kit is to allow your vehicle to easily drive across terrain, such as snow or mud, that normal tires can’t handle. While there are various types, all track kits replace the wheels of your vehicle and provide much stronger traction and protection than tires do.

Track kits are generally rubber, and they come in different sizes. Dominator offers two different sizes, and the weight and size of your vehicle will determine which size you will need. The smaller size, otherwise known as the standard size, weighs 176 pounds and has a ground length of 48 inches. The larger size, or XL model, weighs 193 pounds and has a ground length of 57 inches. Both sizes have a center height of 21 inches and are 15 inches wide.

Track kits also come with a variety of bolt patterns. Because most vehicles vary greatly in this area, it is important to make sure you choose the correct pattern for your truck. To make this process easier, you can look online to see what pattern fits your specific vehicle.

Because of the size of track kits, you may be concerned if your vehicle will still fit in your garage or on trails that you plan to drive on. If this is an issue for you, there are very specific instructions on how to measure the dimensions of a track kit. These measurements also vary depending on your vehicle, and you can find lists online with the dimensions listed for many popular vehicles.

Not only do track kits allow you to have fun driving through snowy mountains and muddy back yard trails, but they also have many practical uses as well. These uses include the maintenance of ski and snowmobile trails, easy access to camping sites, and trail patrol and rescue. Because of the many options available, it’s possible to find a track kit to fit almost any pickup truck.