The Most Popular Off Road Parks

There isn’t an outdoor activity more American than rumbling through beaten dirt roads in vehicles created to master the elements while admiring the gorgeous diversity of panoramas that span the large breadth of the nation. The sport has caught on over the past decade, and this growth in popularity has facilitated the creation of designated areas specifically for off roading set across the expanse of the United States. This article highlights some of the best and most popular to tear through the terrain. Here are three of the most popular off road parks for off-roading.

Moab, Utah

Rubicon TrailThis southeastern Utah setting is characterized by the Mars-like rock that exists in abundance here. Striped orange, white, and red canyon walls and sweeping plateaus are the hallmark of this off roading experience. Strange rock formations will pique your interest while you wind through canyons and when you emerge you will be entranced by the spectacular scenic views overlooking the expansive desert landscape, interrupted with wide rivers, deep canyons, and the occasional speckling of vegetation. There are many different trails available to the sportsman and plenty of off roading vehicles available for rent.

Rubicon Trail, California

Head to northern California for some of not only the most difficult driving conditions, but also some of the most rewarding. Though the Rubicon Trail Park requires advanced technical skills, those who can handle the courses will be rewarded with not only an excellent ride, but exquisite scenery along the way. Enthusiasts should be forewarned that the trail is not very well maintained throughout certain sections and should also note that the entire trail is an experience that will require several days to complete from end to end. Though it is difficult, for those that are willing to take on the challenge, it is a worthwhile adventure.

Superlift ORV Park, Arkansas

Located in central Arkansas near the towns of Hot Springs and Malvern to ride through gorgeous forest land on well kept dirt roads. Superlift is an excellent option for the less experienced as the trails are on the easier side when it comes to driving abilities. Additionally, this park is private, making it significantly cheaper than parks of its kind that are public. Visitors also have the option to camp in the area in the clean and comfortable cabins on the premises, or in a section of the park reserved for RVs. And, if you’re really a beginner, Superlift ORV Park actually offers rides with others for a fee.

Photo credit: Madison Berndt / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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