Dodge Ram Black Express

Some people say “this is the meanest looking truck ever.” This truck is 100% black. Here are some features on the Dodge Ram Black Express:

    • Efficient and light frame, but still durable to hold up (in case of an accident)
    • Air suspension reduces drag on the truck, so you can get better Highway mileage
    • Has electric power steering which helps eliminate noise and draft
    • Hemi V8 engine–Allows you save on gas at the pump!
    • Eight speed transmission
    • dodge black expressNew interior!–You can choose different fabrics and leather for the interior.
    • Offers GPS, Bluetooth, and other amenities.
    • USB build into console
    • “Rambox cargo management system” – You store tools and other gear here.
    • Halogen headlights
    • Aero-dynamic which helps with gas mileage
    • 28 inch wheels
    • Has a backseat that sits three (total seats five)
    • Built RAM strong!In the touchscreen mobile media center it offers:
    • Parking assist
    • Backup camera
    • “All secure locking system”


This is a beautiful truck that is all black, including the ram logo on the back. The wheels are nice and strong. Offers up to date appliances as seen above. Perfect for any guy (or girl) needing a new truck or needs a reliable truck. This truck is very reliable and saves you money at the pump. If you do not get this truck, you’re missing out. This truck also features “All secure locking system” which will keep your friends and family safe when entering and leaving the truck. It even has keyless entry! This is one of the only trucks that has not only great gas mileage, but has received awards for it’s performance. This is one fast truck. This new truck is revolutionizing trucks today. It’s up to date on all things technology and also it’s pretty rad. This truck gets twenty-five highway miles to the gallon. Make your friends jealous and buy one today. The performance of this pick up truck is out of this world and it is fantastic. Go get yours today! It was named “Motor Trend truck of the year for 2013 and 2014.” You’ll also receive a “5 year 100,000 mile Powertrain limited warranty.”

So get yours today!

Photo Credit: Ford

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