Pickup Truck Ladder Racks

A black detachable rear rackA ladder rack on a pickup truck is a very versatile tool. Ladder racks are not limited to carrying ladders. They can hold lots of other fun gear and materials for work. You can throw your kayak on them, light lumber, piping or anything else that is too long to put in the bed of your truck. On top of that by using a ladder rack you can avoid scratching the paint of your truck keeping value high and allowing the body to last longer.

Magnum Rear Rack

Magnum Manufacturing offers a removable rear rack that can be combined to any of our head racks to create an entire system. Lightweight and durable, this rear rack bolts to your truck bed and can be easily removed. It comes with three gliding slide tracks, one on bottom, one on top and one on the rear.

Other ladder racks are large and take up too much space. They also can be difficult to remove when you don’t need them. Magnum rear racks added with a Magnum head rack is the perfect way to carry all your work and play gear while being stylish and adding value to your truck.

Made Specifically for You

Magnum offers the rear rack in two finishes. It comes standard in the matte black finish but for an extra 125 dollars you can choose to get your rear rack in a glossy black finish instead. The Magnum rear rack is designed specifically for your make and model truck, when you purchase from our site you will be prompted to enter your vehicle information to ensure you get a rack with a proper fit.

The Magnum rear rack is a great way to compliment your truck, no matter if you are working or playing the rear rack can make having fun and working much easier.

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