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Protect Your F-150 with a Headache Rack

The Ford F-150 is truly a multi-purpose vehicle and one of the most valuable accessories you can buy is a headache rack. In spite of its good looks, the F-150 is designed to be a work truck. You can find it pulling horse trailers, hauling hay, recreational vehicles, and even livestock. Protecting the passenger cargo […]

The End of Regular Cab Tacomas

Although there has been no official statement from Toyota at the present time, a number of otherwise credible sources have reported that the once popular Toyota Tacoma regular cab truck will be discontinued for the 2015 auto year. Slacking sales and recent trends in consumer preferences have made regular cab trucks seemingly obsolete in terms […]

Replace Your Pick Ups Exhaust Tips

An average person can install an aftermarket chrome tip onto their truck exhaust system with basic auto supplies. However, in some instances, a professional auto shop might be the best route for installing an aftermarket muffler tip. The first thing that a person will need to do is to choose which type of exhaust tip […]

Aluminum Pickup Dump Body

If you have a need for a dump body on your pickup truck you should seriously consider an all-aluminum dump body from Magnum Manufacturing. By using aluminum we maximize the performance of your pickup truck by keeping the weight to a minimum. Plus our aluminum dump bodies are built to outlast your pickup. Dump bodies […]

Best Diesel Pickups of 2012

When it comes to the best diesel pickup truck we know better than to try and tell you what is the best truck, instead here are a few facts about some of the 2012 diesel models and you can decide for yourself who you think has the best diesel pickup truck 2012 Diesel Truck Statistics […]

Custom Truck Beds

At Magnum Manufacturing we put the same process for making trucks racks into designing and making truck beds. We don’t do this to be cool or gain a leg up on the market. We do it because we think we can make a better truck bed for the working person. These truck beds will never […]