Why You Should Wash and Wax Your Truck

Many of you should wash and wax your truck. However, it is important for truck owners to realize that there are many non-automotive washing products in the market that contain harmful detergents, additives and abrasives which can seriously damage your vehicle. When it comes to waxing a good number of truck owners do not wax their vehicles for varying reasons, including the belief that it is an unnecessary undertaking. Here are eight reasons on why you should wash and wax your truck.

Truck Washing

Everyday driving wear-and-tear and dirt accumulation can greatly affect your truck’s paint-job, but all these can be minimized through proper washing. The best detergents for washing vehicles are formulated automotive wash that eliminate grime, spores, contaminants and dirt while protecting the vehicle finish.
Some of the benefits of washing your truck include:

    • Waxing A CarSaving on fuel: When trucks accumulate mud and dirt all-over, the weight of the truck increases and this increases the rates of fuel consumption.
    • Prevent rust: rusting is huge problem in vehicles, especially if you reside in a place that frequently snows. The salts used in clearing the mess can easily hasten the rates of rusting; making the vehicle to corrode at a much faster rate than normal.
    • Take pride: washing your truck to make it clean is a good way to demonstrate your pride. Despite the fact that washing and detailing can be very time-consuming.
    • Maintain resale value: regularly cleaning and keeping your truck well waxed not only protects the car paint-job, it also helps maintains the vehicle’s resale value when it comes to trades.


Vehicle Waxing

Applying a wax job on your truck is an effective way to make your vehicle paint last longer. Although the process of waxing can be labor intensive and time supping, the benefits that accrue as a result far outweighs the efforts put in place. The advantages of vehicle waxing include:

    • Putting the shine and gloss: Waxing the vehicle improves a vehicle’s appearance by revitalizing the paint masking.
    • Restores the paint works: waxing greatly restore vehicles color to make it appear near normal with glow.
    • Resists dirt: waxing usually repels environmental pollutants, tree droppings and grimes by making it easier to clean the truck.
    • Eliminates water spots: when you apply waxing, the water spots are less likely to emerge on the truck body because water can easily trickle-off without creating formations.
    • Creates a sun screen: waxing usually creates a protective layering screen that deflects and reflects ultra-violet rays from the sun.


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