Why Ford’s F-150 Is At The Top

f150The 2013 Ford F–150 falls under the F–series which is used to cover a type of pickup that has been produced for nearly 60 years. It has its competitors expeditiously trying to catch up behind this best-selling pickup truck. This comes as a result of its advanced technology features and lavish luxury. Previously, the Ford pickup truck was seen as rugged and standard in its own class. This series that has now transformed into a state-of-the-art luxury vehicle.

The F–150 is equipped with class leading towing and improved gas mileage, which in today’s economic times, is a viable element that most seek out. The interior is in a class of its own. Due to the truck’s structure while inside, a peaceful ride is what you will experience, with its noise canceling material throughout. It is plush with high quality plastic fibers and perfectly proportioned assembly pieces. These lush pieces allow it to exude the expensive look that so many strive for. The luxurious cabin has the look and feel as a sophisticated cock pilot with all the bells and whistles one can desire. The cabin has several compartments to stow away items along with a number of dials and controls that are easily used for an enjoyable ride. The electric power steering provides the feel of driving a car with all the benefits of driving a truck.

Reviews have shown its interior is at the top of the line for comfort ability and quietness. Thanks to its twin turbo, this massive machine has phenomenal pick – up. The F–150 comes with alternate bed sizes and an immense range of body styles. This Ford comes equipped with a C-Clamp grill, as its new front end. Modern updates were added, such as High-Intensity Discharge Headlights (HID). Using the MyFordTouch system definitely has its pros and cons. The layout is simplistic however it has been known to be lackadaisical and not as responsive as most would require it to be. The incorporated buttons have a high level of maneuverability, providing a seamless transition while operating. Overall Ford’s F–150 is continuing to prove why it has been ranked at the top for so long and why this inevitable trend will continue.

Photo credit: SoulRider.222 / Foter.com / CC BY-ND


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