Which Pickup Would Santa Drive?

SantaThe jolly, old soul, Santa Claus, is coming soon. This year Santa has decided to give his reindeer a much deserved vacation and has decided to drive a truck instead of a sleigh this year. With all his time fussing at elves to keep making toys, he did not have time to check to see which truck would be powerful enough to get toys to all the children of the world. As with everything, Santa used a list to pick the truck that would get him through all kinds of road conditions that are found around the globe.

The first truck to consider on his list was the Ford F-150. Santa thought with the extra towing capacity he could just pull his sled and he could put the toys in the roomy bed and his sleigh. The sleigh had not had a tune up in quite some time, and by being towed, it would fare well on the Kelly Blue Book trade in. The F-150 also came with standard sway control. This would help Santa when he took the curves. He would not have to worry about the sleigh turning over and spilling the toys unto the Interstate.

The Toyota Tundra was the next truck on Santa’s list. With the impressive iForce 5.7L V8 and 381hp, Santa knew that this truck had power. He could get out of any snowbank or bog he could run against. The power alone was more than his eight tiny reindeer had. With back up sensors and a Star Safety System, Santa knew that Mrs. Cluas would be happy with the choice. She was always saying that Rudolf’s red nose was not a safety feature. She would be glad to know that the truck’s safety record was one of the best in the automotive industry.

Santa was overwhelmed with the choices. He picked the elves he knew who were no a little loopy from too much eggnog and bought them all a truck to help him deliver the toys. The the turn of the keys and the roar of the engines, Santa and the elves drove into the night. “On Titan, On Tundra, On Ram, and Silverado too!”

Photo credit: Bart Fields / Foter.com / CC BY


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