Where to Go Off-Roading in Michigan

For a state that prides itself with cars, you are going to find just about anything revolving around vehicles inside the state of Michigan. This is true when it comes to off roading as well. There are some rather incredible locations you can take in, so no matter where in the state you are located or how far you wish to travel, you are going to find a place that works just for you and your off roading needs. Here are some locations on where to go off-roading in Michigan.

The Mounds Off Road Park

IMG_6742For anyone who wants to utilize a bit of four-wheel fun, the Mounds Off Road Park is perfect for this. This is not only one of the best off roading locations in the state but the entire midwest as well. This off roading park is designed specifically for four-wheelers, although it also offers different challenging courses for people who are driving in Jeeps and trucks. So, essentially no matter what you are looking for or what kind of vehicle you are driving, if you are up for the challenge you are going to find some excellent off roading options inside of this mark.

Bundies Hill Off Road Park

This is one of the newest locations in the region, which offers up all sorts of different activities. This isn’t just a spot you can go offloading but more of a destination for anyone who enjoys taking automotive equipment outside. There are some exceptional hill climbs, on top of motocross tracks, plus mud and sand locations as well. Here, you can drive just about anything you want, ranging from the traditional ATVs to a larger 4×4 and even a sand rail. Plus, all you have to do is drop the $15 day pass for someone who is going to drive and $5 for a passenger. Even if you are a beginner to off roading, there are beginner locations as well, so it is the perfect spot for all skill levels.

Freelin MX

If you want expansive tracks and destinations, Freelin MX is where it is at. There are over 50 acres of different trails and tracks throughout the park, plus there are also food services as well, so when you are ready for a break and lunch, you are going to find it right here. Freelin MX also puts on motocross competitions almost monthly, so make sure to check out the schedule to see what is taking place inside.

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