Where To Go Four Wheeling In West Virginia

They don’t call the state of West Virginia wild and wonderful for no reason. The back woods country of this state has often been the topics of songs, and this place is the destination for some great outdoor fun, including four wheeling. Whether it is off road with a Jeep a truck or a four wheeler, this region has plenty of places to explore nature without strenuous laws inhibiting the journey. There are many rivers here, like the Shenandoah, Mongahelia, New River’s Gorge and the list goes on and on. These areas cater to those who love some adventure, and some even have specialized areas just for four-wheelers. Are you ready to go four wheeling in West Virginia?

The laws are really lax in this state regarding off road adventures; in fact, they only require a helmet for those on a four wheeler who are under the age of 18. Other than that, only the motor vehicle laws apply. Slinging mud and climbing hills can be a fun way to spend the day, but where oh where does one begin in this mountainous state? One of the best places around the state for true off road fun is in the top part of the state. Around Preston County, home to Arthurdale, Kingwood and Morgantown, there are plenty of places to get really dirty. Morgantown is a big city that is famous for the university, but the off road options here are limitless. Cooper’s Rock state park is also in this county. The rock cliffs line the Cheat River is an amazing sight both on and off the beaten path.

West Virginia TrailsIn the Southern half of the state, It’s the New River Gorge area that seems to impress those who crave the off road experience. This area has long been known as a popular place to ride the rapids, but there are also ample places to do some off-road mud running. Those who want to put together a whole vacation package complete with camping, canoeing and the works can do so. It’s a great place to relax and also to get some serious adrenaline rush.

In Mason Co WV, there is a city called “Mud Run.” They appropriately name this city due to its immense and ample areas to take the vehicles off road. Located close to the Ohio River, there’s plenty of mud here. Taking the Jeep and explore back roads, near the river’s edge, there are some extreme areas. Whether for pleasure or fun, taking the truck off road can be so much fun in West Virginia. From the North to the South, it’s almost Heaven to an off-roader.

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