Where to Go Four Wheeling in Arizona

If you and your family or friends are enjoy four wheeling and you have a truck or jeep to enjoy four wheeling there is no state more beautiful than the wide-open spaces of Arizona. There are plenty of internet review sites on the most popular places to four wheel. If you have never been, in Arizona or you have four wheeled in Arizona try out some adventurous places and take it from those who have been there and enjoyed the experience of Arizona four wheeling. There are over 20 popular four wheeling destinations in Arizona. Before you research the destinations, you would like to go four wheeling in Arizona, know the area through research on the internet and know the road laws in Arizona.

Special Four Wheeling Laws in Arizona

Arizona has set in place some law that people with four wheeling vehicles are bound to obey. If people do not obey these laws and you are caught you may enjoy your four wheeling get-a-way in the county jail.

All trucks, ATVs, and jeeps used for four wheeling fun and enjoyment must be titled and the vehicle must have in place one numbered plate. If there are children under the age of 18-years in the four wheeling vehicle they must wear a helmet at all times when the vehicle is in motion. If your vehicle is designed to carry you only, you may not let someone else ride in or on the vehicle. If the vehicle, designed to carry two, three or four passengers the driver is in their right to carry that many people.

Other rules pertain and ATV drivers need to know what these rules say, such riding double is unlawful or with more passengers than the vehicle was intended. As with any vehicle, no driver can be alcoholic or drug impaired while driving. While operating any ATV all drivers must respect the wildlife and help to keep it a safe habitat.

The following sites are the most popular four wheeling driving sites in Arizona.

Tombstone Arizona

  • Tomestone ArizonaBest area to see the Old West as it once was on over 100-miles
  • Popular Ghost Town Trail (old stagecoach trail)
  • Connect with old mining towns such as Courtland Pearce and Gleeson along

Ghost Town Trail

  • Sleep at Cochise Stronghold Campground
  • Visit Council Rock

Black Canyon Off-Road Trails

  • Historic mining country (Never enter a mine)
  • Nearly 13-miles of trail
  • Take moderate ATV skills

Alto Pit OHV Area

  • 13-acres of cross country for ATVs
  • 8-miles of ATV trails offering a beginners trail course
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Fire rings
  • Shade armadas
  • $3.00 for a day of use
  • Some infrequent snow in the winter months
  • Group camping permitted with special permits


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Photo credit: MarkDoliner / Foter / CC BY

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