Via Motors Presidential Truck

via motors truckVia Motors is a new company that has yet to release a vehicle to the public. It is a company that takes popular vehicles and redesigns them to be hybrid. It has three new models that are due to be delivered sometime next year. Of these three modes, Via Motors has an Electric Luxury SUV model.

The “Presidential” is a 4WD luxury SUV. It is the world’s first full-size extended electric luxury vehicle. This Electric luxury SUV, may remind consumers of another particular truck. The Presidential truck design is based from the Cadillac Escalade. Though the vehicle may visibly resemble the Escalade, it has qualities that will unmistakably set it apart and make customers happy.

This new vehicle design from Via Motors is a plug-in hybrid like no other. It is able to provide drivers with an estimated 100 mpg fuel economy. No truck on the market is able to compete with this type of fuel economy.

Its ability to have increased gas mileage does not cause it to fall short of being an SUV. This luxury vehicle includes cargo space and comfort that SUV buyers look for in a new truck.

With many benefits there could be a downfall. The Presidential SUV and the Via Motor Company can become like other new automotive companies that have existed in the past. Many of these vehicles fall victim vaporware. This simply means that they are unveiled but they never officially get released. If this will happen, this vehicle will just remain a dream of SUV shoppers that are hoping to purchase a vehicle with a great fuel economy.

There is no specified price or release date available for the Presidential SUV. Eager buyers will just have to keep watch on this money saving truck.

SUV shoppers have a lot of models and brands to choose from when trying to pick the perfect vehicle. These models are not able to deliver the main benefit of the Vial Motors Presidential SUV. While most hybrid SUVs fall short on performance and a good gas mileage economy. The Via Motors SUV will surely spark interests when it is released.

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