The New Dodge Ecodiesel Engine

ecodiesel engineWe have come a long way in the automobile industry and have discovered many new Eco-friendly features. Ram expects to have the best in fuel economy features. The 2014 Dodge Ram is a revolution in this aspect. Most truck markets are focusing on the towing capacity for the new year. Ram, however, still has plenty of towing capacity, being able to lift up to 10,200 pounds; but now offers features that no one else does. The 1500 offers a coil-spring rear suspension. This would be the first one to offer diesel for any half-ton pickup.

Fuel economy is a top consideration for pickup trucks. There had been rumors out that the company would offer the fuel economy diesel throughout this year but there was some surprise when it was officially announced. This is the first time we are given this option within any half-ton in 25 years! It is also the first time since 1978 that Dodge has offered this in a half-ton! There is a lot of excitement for this new coming option. `
The Ecodiesel engine meets all the state emission requirements. It contains a diesel-exhaust fluid that requires a refill around every 10,000 miles. This allows the engine to run at full power even when the fluid level is low. The power of this vehicle is 240 hp at 3600 rpm and 420 lb-ft at 2000 rpm. This power combined with the fuel efficiency makes for a fantastic pickup truck.

Without this new addition to the 2014 pickups, buyers have only two choices to choose from. The first one is a 25 mpg, 3.6-liter flex-fuel V-6 gasoline engine. The second one is a standard 5.7-liter Hemi V-8. Now which one sounds better to you? Obviously, the fuel economy diesel option! The director of Ram trucks, Bob Hegbloom, stated,”When you go to a diesel engine, you’re getting the torque and the benefit of the residual value down the road. For a business, while there’s the acquisition price up front that you pay, you’ll get it back on the backside because it will continue to deliver.”

As you can see, there is no comparison between older models and this brand new engine that is a step in the direction of being Earth friendly. We need to take care of our cars, as well as our planet. This is just the first to come of many new attributes.

Photo credit: Chrysler-Group / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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