Pick Up Truck Beds Are Evolving

high tech truck bedGone are the days of the hollow metal pick up truck bed. These days manufacturers are offering many upgraded amenities for the truck enthusiast. The beds on your grandfather’s truck in a far cry from what is available today.

One example is the spray on bed liner. The old plastic, custom fit bed liner is still available on most trucks, but this new method is a step above. The old option would sometimes buckle and peel away from the bed itself which is not a problem with the spray on option. You can give the bed of the truck quite a beating without fear of damaging this material.

Another available upgrade is illumination under the side rails. This allows you easy maneuverability and increased vision at night. Many new trucks being produced also have a full sliding rear window. While not only making it easy to open and close from the driver seat, you can also access the bed from inside the cab.

Certain trucks, especially full size models allow for a hidden storage compartment under the bed. Often, this compartment houses the spare tire, as well as a area to store quite a few things. Whether you fill it with ice to go tailgate, or you need a place to keep things dry or locked, this is a nice feature.

Side rail storage is becoming ever popular on work trucks. This allows you to access tools and other things you may need without having to climb up into the bed. As with the under the bed storage, this also gives you an option to keep things dry, as well as organized. When it comes to climbing into the bed, bumper steps and tailgate steps offer convenience as well. The bumper step can be used while the tailgate is up if you need to just reach for something. The tailgate step engages while the tailgate is down which allows for continuous climbing up and down into the bed.

Whether you like bare bones type of trucks, or prefer the newer amenities of the pricier models, there are numerous options to turn to in the pick up truck market. These upgrades in modern amenities are taking the truck market to new levels, and there are even more to come.

Photo credit: DiamondBack Truck Covers / Foter.com / CC BY-SA