Must Have Truck Accessories

If you have a pick-up truck you know that a ‘stock’ truck is never as fun as one that has all the bells and whistles. There are so many fun and useful truck accessories you can add to your truck to make it better at what it does. The thing is you don’t want to add just any and all accessories like you are shopping out of your local parts store catalog. Here is a list of a few of our favorite truck accessories and why.

Fender Flares

If you have wide tires fender flares are a must have for your pick-up truck. They not only look cool but they serve a few important purposes as well. In many places that require a state inspection fender flares could keep your truck in the legal category. Fender flares also keep the crud off the side of your truck. Try going down a muddy road with your windows open without fender flares, no fun.


No matter what you use your truck for, whether it is work or recreation, you cannot have too many lights. You can have lights that face forward, behind you or in any direction. Lights can make four wheeling more fun and even possible at night, they can help you work when the days get short and they can save you some hassle if you break down.

Truck Racks

Of course we feel like a truck rack is a must have for any rig. They offer great style, protection and usability. A truck rack is also one of those accessories that is great for work and play. You can haul ladders or kayaks with a full rack system. A truck rack can save your rear window and give you more support for anchoring things in your bed.

Bed Covers

A truck bed cover is yet another duel purpose accessory. When you are not hauling anything in your truck bed a cover can keep your gas mileage up by improving aerodynamics. If you are carrying luggage or gear a bed cover will keep it from the elements. It also looks great and keeps people from tossing cans and trash in your truck when you are parked at the Home Depot.

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