How to Install a Headache Rack

Headache racks, which are attached to to the overhead rack of pickup trucks, are there to protect the truck’s rear cab window. Often constructed of aluminum or steel, they help to prevent large debris from causing damage to the window and most importantly can save lives if an accident were to occur. Headache racks are great additions to any truck. Many who want a headache rack opt to have a professional install them when in fact, installation is very simple to do on your own. All you need is an adjustable wrench and some time. Here is how to install a headache rack.

Pick a Rack 

Before installation, you have to select a headache rack for your truck. There are three major types which are commercial grades, painted and stainless steel racks. A commercial grade rack offers upright posts to increase cargo carrying capacity and features a powder coated finish. Painted options are long-lasting and can be selected to match the color of your truck and stainless steel headache racks offer a high polished shine and can accommodate light bar applications.

How To Install A Headache Rack

Headache RackIn order to install a headache rack you first have to install the overhead rack. To do so mount the load bar to your pickup bed by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Although instructions may differ all load bars require:

  • Mounting the left upright support.
  • Mounting the right upright support
  • Attaching all necessary clamps provided to secure the bar.

After the load bar is secure, mount the overhead bar as directed in the instructions and insert bolts to secure tightly. Follow by installing any stripping or protective measures provided.

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