How to Buy a Used Pickup Truck

Most people purchase a used pickup truck to tow or haul stuff, as such it is important to check that the tuck is in good shape as it pertains to drive-train, engine and transmission. Before purchasing a used pickup, it is important to asses and determine the kind of needs you have. If you are not planning to pull-up heavy loads or carry multiple tones of load, it is probably not sensible to buy a full sized heavy duty truck; you should instead go for a light-duty small truck. In case you want to haul cargo like manure, debris, or construction remnants, the best truck would be an SUV or minivan.

Cummins Disel EngineIf you want to use your truck as both a family car and a workhorse, you should consider buying a crew cab-model or an extended-cab with two or four-doors. If you will be driving across large swathes of snow, mud or on the off-roads more often, consider going for a 4-wheel-drive truck. Pickups, both new and used come in numerous trims such as; compact and full size, short and long-bed, two door or four doors and regular or extended trucks, in addition to automatic or standard transmission trims. On the other hand, truck engines range from small 4-Cylinders, V6s and V8s to the much bigger and powerful diesel engines.

Purchasing A Used Truck 

Some of the factors to look for when purchasing a used truck include:

    • Run a CARFAX report: Although running a CARFAX report may not guarantee you a problem free truck, it does help reveal a number of important facts and clues about the vehicle you intend to purchase.• Establish the truck’s performance record and function: This includes factoring elements such as fuel consumption, mileage and the purpose in which you are purchasing the truck.
    • Check underneath the truck: such an exercise can be done by lifting up the truck to see the details underneath. The inspection can be undertaken in a vehicle shop at a relatively small fee. Some of the things to look for include; signs of leaks and damages, surface rust, components such as steering, brakes, U-joint and shafts, in addition to the chassis and frame.
    • Move beyond the flashy appearance: flashy details such as chrome add-ons, lift kits, flashy wheels and high definition stereo should not blind you from looking beyond the trappings. Check the truck’s work history, in addition to the body surface beneath the paint job.


Photo credit: dave_7 / Foter / CC BY

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