Hooked Up With Some Towing Tips for Novices

novice towing tipsThere are many steps to safely towing a load on the back of a pick-up truck. Here is a checklist for you the next time that you decide to hook up the trailer, some tips for when you are on the road, and some things you can do after the trip to ensure the safety of you and those around you.

How To Attach A Trailer
The first thing you can do, which you should always try to make a habit of, is check the fluids in your vehicle. The tire pressure can be checked quickly as well. Make sure that you are using the right size of ball mount and the right weight class as well.
When you have done all of that you can jack up the trailer to above the tow ball and have the driver reverse the vehicle into place. When you have gotten in lined up perfectly, make sure the driver set the parking brake and puts the vehicle in neutral. Lower the jack until the until the ball is inside the hitch and lock it down.
Take the jack completely up and store it away. If you are using weight-distribution bars and safety chains attach them now. Make sure you plug in the electric as well so your lights work. As you prepare to leave you may need to adjust your mirrors with the weight change in the ride.
While You Are On The Road

You will need to set the brake controller gain when you leave. Get yourself up to about 25 miles per hour and give the brakes a good check. If they lock or skid you should lower the gain and if they do not do much at all you will need to make it higher.

Always remember the height of your load and be careful of low underpasses. It will most likely be wider than your vehicle as well. Pay close attention to your load and be careful when giving it gas or braking hard. The added weight will drastically change the power of your vehicle. Be aware of all your surroundings.

With this information about hooking up a trailer to haul and some advice on how to drive with the load behind you, you should be ready to give this a shot. You are powering something with a tremendous amount of weight and size. It can cause a lot of damage is not handled right. Be careful and remember to always be safe.

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