Heater Hunting for Success

heater huntingHunting is somewhere between a religion and a tradition for many. It means that a connection to nature that is neglected for most of the year. During hunting season some hunters seek to rebuild that link, but some only go so far. Whereas some hunters are willing to brave the cold weather in pursuit of ruffled grouse or other prey, others will only go so far. They hunt not on open ground under a clear sky but from the safety and warmth of the vehicles. The “heater hunters” pursue their pray the best they can, even if it is from the inside of their vehicles.

Although the vehicles are limited, especially during the colder parts of winter when roads are closed not due to legal decree but because the effects of weather make them impassable, those same vehicles given them an advantage over the other hunters. That the car provides heat is just the beginning; they also provide a means to carry a wide range of supplies into wild, allowing a hunter most of the advantages of home, including food, drinks, and even wireless access in the right areas. It can be great to take advantage of that in the woods.

Another great way to take advantage of the vehicle is to act as a supply truck for hunters in the woods. It is likely that the heater hunter will return home each night and return the next day, making him a great means for hunters that are staying in the woods to resupply through him. This can not only add to the person’s popularity but allow him to pay for gas as well. He can also trade for hunting information; as he limited in how far he penetrate the woods, this can be vital information if he is to meet any success as a hunter.

There are some disadvantages that need to be dealt with. If the weather gets too bad, chains will be required. Extra gas is something that needs to be carried in case of emergencies, and a spare battery or recharger is not a bad idea either. Making sure that all of the appropriate paperwork is up to date even more important for heater hunting than a regular hunting as authorities tend to be nervous about people with guns in vehicles in the woods. Heating hunting may be looked down by some, but with a little preparation and some opportunistic thinking, it is something that can definitely be worth a hunter’s while.

Photo credit: Topato / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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