Ford Tests Automated Truck

automated f150People have been dreaming of cars that drive themselves for years. It was thought that flying cars and cars without people would have been here by now and, thanks to Ford motor company, they might be very close. These vehicles would mainly be used for testing purposes to make sure the vehicles are safe to drive and capable of doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Some of the benefits of having an automated vehicle are more safety for humans, lower cost and fewer variables in the testing process.

All of these things lead to a better car testing process that will lead to better results for customers.

Currently, car companies use people to test the durability of cars. They are subject to rigorous tests inside the cars which could put them in danger. These tests make sure the cars are capable of everything the company is claiming they are. They also can take a very long time and be extremely monotonous for humans to deal with. The automated vehicles would be able to save people the trouble and discomfort of these tests by performing them all on its own without a human driver inside.

Car companies will be able to save a large amount of money by using automated cars for testing purposes. The only human help these cars would require is possibly being controlled from a remote computer GPS based location, which would take a lot less work than having someone drive the car around for hours at a time. When employees don’t have to be subject to rigorous tests, they will not have to be compensated as much which will allow the car company to cut down on costs. These cost cuts will in turn go back to the customer when they end up having to pay less for the car.

Humans make mistakes, even if they do every thing they are supposed to do. This can cause variables in testing procedures that could make a car not function properly for the general public or could put them in danger. Machines, unlike humans, do not make mistakes. They are programmed to do the same thing over and over, without getting bored or slipping up. When a car is being tested with a machine instead of a human, there is less of a chance for error during the testing process because the machines are made to be repetitive.

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