Ford F-650 Hybrid

ford f 650Ford is well known for setting the bar high and giving consumers what they really want. This is why they are working on the Ford F-650 Hybrid. This is going to be a heavy duty pickup that can help you get many tasks completed including towing and hauling heavy items. At the same time, it is going to be a comfortable and eco-friendly vehicle that you will be proud to own.


This a roomy vehicle with a full bench seat in the front and in the back. It offers plenty of legroom. The seats are comfortable and the controls are all displayed in a manner that makes it simple to reach them while operating the vehicle.


The body of this vehicle is very masculine, and it is features 4 full sized doors. It also offers very wide mirrors that make it simple to monitor what is going on behind the vehicle. This is ideal for loading and towing purposes.


The flatbed design of the Ford F-650 Hybrid means that it is ideal for loading items such as hay bales and more. The design is very heavy duty and durable so that it can take on the challenge of even the heavy items you may need to move on a regular basis.


Ford seems to be keeping it quiet when it comes to the engine for this vehicle. What has been leaked though is that it will feature a unique type of power train. It is also rumored that it will feature unique radiator designs for cooling the engine. It will be offered as a 5 or 6 speed automatic.


The overall design of the Ford F-650 Hybrid is still unknown, but it is going to be a very large sized work vehicle. There are rumors that this hybrid will get about 25 mpg on the highway and that is also going to be an encouraging selling point if it is true. The price for such a vehicle will likely start around the $50,000 mark.

There is no definite information released yet regarding when it will be on the market or what features will definitely be part of it. The testing phase will be vital to the release of that information. It will play a role in Ford being able to move forward and to start marketing this hybrid or if they need to go back and make huge modifications before the Ford F-650 Hybrid will be sold.

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